Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ft. Worth City Politics affecting Animal Welfare

Most animal control calls/concerns/problems/issues come from the same zip codes with greatest release of x-cons, heaviest crime, poorest residents, and the most populated areas of black & brown residents. Those are statistical facts. So, when Animal Control enforces the animal laws in the those areas and the City Council Reps., who represent those areas, holler racism or 'you're picking on my people,' or 'you're picking on the poor,' or any of that nonsense, it is the job of a leader to stay the course and address the facts. Funny how those City Council Reps don't have a problem looking at the factual stats when there's a chance of them getting taxpayer money such as with home foreclosures and such, but boy, let it be something that is sucking money from our pockets and they want to turn a deaf ear and blind eye. HA! Time for some real change in Ft. Worth!! I hope it comes soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ft. Worth needs a new Animal Control Director

It's time and it's overdue. Our elected 'officials' in Ft. Worth have been asleep at the wheel for far too many years. It's sad, disgusting, empowering and costly to the taxpayers! I won't go into details, just take my word for it.

1st Annual Conference for Texas Humane Legislation Network is on to the 2nd Annual Conference...

What a successful Conference! It was a personal experience for me and as a person who cares that animals are treated in a humane fashion ALL of their lives, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Cile Holloway (and her mother who has passed on).....the Founders of THLN! Thirty-five (35) years in the making, it seems that now is THLN's time. For those of you who truly care that animals in Texas are treated in a humane fashion, please take the time to visit and donate money to this organization. The keynote speaker was Michael Markarian, COO & Exec. V.P. of The Humane Society of the United States. Profound quotes that I heard at Conference include:

"Change is a Process, not an Event," Cile Holloway, President & Founder of THLN

"It's not so much about 'Animal Rights' as it is about Human Responsibility." Michael Markarian, HSUS

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eighty nine percent (89%) of all marijuana violations are 'possession only.'

" Present enforcement policies are costing American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and having no impact on marijuana availability or marijuana use in this country. It is time to end this failed policy and replace prohibition with a policy of marijuana regulation, taxation, and education."
NOTE: Above is from'm not endorsing any 'taxation'......NOT!!!
ANOTHER NOTE: Please consider voting Libertarian. "The thinking Party."


Thursday, September 3, 2009

City of Fort Worth is attempting to help millions of neglected, abused animals.

If you are a fiscal conservative like me and care greatly about the massive amount of dollars that the government takes out of our pockets, you hate it when taxpayers are held accountable for others' irresponsible choices and actions, such as animal neglect, abuse & cruelty to name one, of the issues that I'm referring to. Sign up to be a volunteer for Ft. Worth's Animal Control and let's change the way this city does business, help the animals & taxpayers in the process.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Texas Humane Legislation Network fundraiser - Monday, Aug. 31st, Grapevine, Texas

Do you care about the neglected animals, cruelly confined animals, starving animals, stray animals in your neighborhood, community, city and/or state? Please attend our party or call and just donate over the phone, Monday, August 31st, 5p-7p, D'Vine Wine, 409 Main St., Grapevine, Texas. Guest speakers: Senator Wendy Davis, Cile Holloway, President of THLN, Rick Bousquet, Executive Director of THLN.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Humane Society of the United States & Texas Puppy Mills

I am so thankful for HSUS. The Puppy Mill raids have been a life saving experience for so many thousands of dogs, especially the Puppy Mill Mothers -- the dogs who's life is enslaved to having litter after litter. We need animal cruelty laws enforced and State cruelty law loopholes closed. Also, know who your Veterinarian is and if he is a member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. TVMA came out so strongly AGAINST the Puppy Mill Bill that was put forth the Texas Legislature last session of 2009, it was lost. Why? Money. This is wrong. We are better than this as a citizenry of the State of Texas. We are further along than this in the State of Texas. We can do better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Come ask questions of Candidate for Texas Governor, Debra Medina in East Fort Worth, Tuesday, August 25th

Medina will be speaking at business offices of Painless Performance (hot rod electronics company), 2501 Ludelle St., Ft. Worth, TX 76105. She is the real deal, honest, genuine, tell it like it is, intelligent, balanced, impressive, well spoken candidate for our Texas Governor. Give her a chance, come listen, come ask your questions. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ron Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of FWISD, did he resign/get fired? What's up? Where is he?

Someone said he left his position in the middle of the night along with others in the department. Did our local paper report anything? Not that I've read, of course, I don't subscribe to the paper nor read it daily, so maybe I missed it. I bet now they write something. Local politics in Fort Worth, very entertaining to follow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No coincidence that Land Developer was first in line at Ft. Worth City Council meeting Animal Ordinance Hearing

Fort Worth City Council approved changes to the Animal Control Ordinance and first called to the microphone was none other than Happy Baggett, one of the largest land developers in North Tarrant County. A 3 year old relative of his was killed after climbing through the fence into neighbors yard and killed by neighbors dog. Very sad indeed; however, no sadder than anyone else who is killed by a dog, especially at such a young age. Remember several weeks ago when the gay activists were calling out the Mayor because he put them last on the agenda and he explained it as "somebody's gotta be last?" Funny how when a political buddy has something to say, not only is the issue put first on the agenda, but the friend is first as well. And you think everything that happens at City Hall isn't political? Better think again. If I were Mayor, whatever issue was expected to draw the most people (and they know), would always be first. Seems Mayor Mike Moncrief puts things on the back burner when he wants the people to go away and not be heard, and puts things first if he wants them to be heard, especially his high dollar supporters and friends. I'm sure he thinks he's sneaky and no one is noticing his slick moves. Funny.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"In the Fiscal Years 2006-2007, the City of Dallas had no choice but to euthanize 26,979 unwanted pets. It would take 550 DART buses to transport...

the same number of people, or 63 Boeing 747 jets."
Homeward Bound Animal Rescue - Dallas, Fort Worth, TX
I just don't believe that your average American realizes the enormity of the out of control unwanted dogs/cats in this country, or in our municipalities. I am grateful for politicians who stand up and speak up for the dogs/cats.

Homeward Bound Animal Rescue is a great organization for animals needing rescued, adopted, cared for medically, etc. in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. They are on Facebook, please become a fan and send them twenty bucks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fort Worth Police Dispatcher, M180 says that FWPD only answers Certain Dog Related Calls

Oh Really? So who is there to enforce the law between the hours of 5pm - 8am M-F and on weekends? Operator says, "Oh we only answer dog calls if the dog is aggressive or attacking someone.
I bet if I pushed it, we would find this is not the truth and unlawful for a City to say we only enforce the City Ordinances and State Laws at convenient hours of the day and week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ft. Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief's response to the outcrys from gay activists at City Council meeting did not contain true statements.

When questioned on why the Rainbow Lounge discussion was put last on the City Council agenda when there were "hundreds here to hear the issue," pleaded the protestor; Mayor Moncrief's reply was 'well there's hundreds here to hear the discussion on homelessness as well." Not true! There were maybe 10 - 15 there to hear issue on homelessness, and literally hundreds to hear about the Rainbow Lounge incident. All overflow rooms were full and people standing outside that could not even get in the door to City Hall. Of course, this issue was put last for a political reason but it back fired on Moncrief this time and will continue to do so until the light is beamed down on the truth about the excessive, brutal, unlawful force used by the Fort Worth Police Department in the gay bar, Rainbow Lounge Raid by FWPD & Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
Watch "Election of Mayor Pro Tem" for July 14th meeting and listen for yourself. After the homelessness issue, do you see hundreds of people leave? No! What else is the Mayor untruthfully telling us and hoping we will believe? That he doesn't know where the millions upon millions of tax payer dollars are, that are missing from City Hall?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Former Mayor Pro Tem, Kathleen Hicks, using the gay community to her political advantage

Ft. Worth's councilmember (former Mayor Pro Tem) hasn't participated in Ft. Worth's Gay Pride Parade and has shyed away from the gay community and anything with the words gay or lesbian coming her way or near her BEFORE the Rainbow Lounge Raid. Her 'special best friend', Camille Rodriquez, even so much as walked up to a supporter of mine, Mr. Mike Phipps, at a debate forum during the last Council election race and threatened him with a lawsuit if he mentioned the word 'lesbian' in the same sentence with Kathleen Hicks' and Camille Rodriquez. She also said, she 'had people in places to take care of him' if he did so.
Now that she has a chance to pretend that she cares about the wrongdoings of the Fort Worth Police Department, she's using the gay community to do it. How many times has she questioned or held accountable the FWPD for complaints by citizens like myself and others when those complaints didn't make the local/national news? NONE!

In response to gay activists angered by being last on agenda, Ft. Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief says "somebody had to be last."

Of course someone has to be last, the Mayor, I'm sure hoped that by putting the Rainbow Lounge discussion last that most people would give up, go home and let the issue die. With all due respect, which isn't much at times, the Mayor has no idea how to handle this issue, how to glide and slide around the issue about Fort Worth police force using excessive and unlawful force that he, and 8 other council members are suppose to be knowing how they operate. You must watch this, it's great entertainment. Go to about 25:00 into the meeting.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please help Ernie by donating some spare change.

"Ernie was found by a Homeward Bound, Bedford, TX volunteer just the other day. Boy this poor guy is in horrible shape. He has mange, he's heartworm positive, he needs surgery for bladder stones, he is sunburned, emaciated and dehydrated. The vet says they cant do surgery yet..."
Please donate here

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eye witness accountants to what happened at Ft. Worth's Rainbow Lounge Raid. BTW, Who ordered this raid, why and did Ft. Worth's Police Chief know?

‘Tom Anable, a 55-year-old accountant who said he was in the bar during the raid, said that for more than a half-hour the officers entered the bar repeatedly in groups of three and escorted people out. Then around 1:40 a.m., he said, the officers started to get rougher, throwing one young man down hard on a pool table.
Minutes later, one of the state agents approached Mr. Gibson, who was standing on steps to a lounge at the back of the bar with a bottle of water in his hands, and tapped him on the shoulder, Mr. Anable said. Mr. Gibson turned and said, “Why?”
Then the officer, who has not been identified, twisted Mr. Gibson’s right arm behind his back, grabbed his neck, swung him off the steps and slammed his head into the wall of a hallway leading to the restrooms, Mr. Anable said. The agent then forced Mr. Gibson to the floor, Mr. Anable said.
“Gibson didn’t touch the officer,” Mr. Anable said. “He didn’t grope him.”
Two police officers and a second state agent arrived and helped subdue Mr. Gibson, kneeling on his back. A lounge employee, Lindsey Thompson, 23, said she saw an officer slam Mr. Gibson’s head into the floor while he was prone with his hands cuffed behind him.
The raid prompted swift action. Hours later, more than 100 people were protesting on the steps of the Tarrant County Courthouse. As the week went on, calls for an independent investigation grew, with a state senator, a group of local business leaders and two churches joining the chorus.’ New York Times, July 4, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ft. Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief putting political spin on the Rainbow Lounge Raid

'He's asking the U.S. Attorney for North Texas to independently review the police department investigation " ensure the department has thoroughly and impartially carried out its obligation to all the citizens of Fort Worth. I encourage the TABC to follow the same course."

If the Mayor and the rest of City Council were doing their jobs well, they would be doing something about Fort Worth Police Department's poor job performance in enforcing the laws & city ordinances equally througout our entire City instead of selectively in certain areas and regarding certain laws. This incident is no surprise to us who know how the Police Department operates and see first hand the number of officers who abuse their authority. The City Council hasn't heard the complaints from us over the past few years -- they've chosen to ignore us and call us names like nay sayers and the like. Now they are shuffling the political cards in hopes they will fool enough people into thinking they know what they are talking about. Too bad they weren't voted out of office in May.

How many levels of 'Internal Investigation' are there w/in Ft. Worth Police Department?

Regarding the differing accounts of the FWPD/Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Rainbow Lounge raid, Fort Worth Chief of Police, Jeff Halstead says, "The Fort Worth Police Department has taken a very serious approach to this issue and has initiated the highest level of internal investigation it can."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fort Worth City Council members have ignored complaints against Police Department for years before the Gay Bar Raid

I have sent email after email to all Fort Worth City Council members about the behaviors and inactions with the FWPD. Not one Council member responded. Yet when something happens such as the planned raid on the Rainbow Lounge and it makes national news then the career politicians come out of the woodwork and try to convince us that "we enforce the law equally, blah blah blah." How many times have I sent emails detailing the facts of poor police work on the Eastside and not one Ft. Worth City Councilmember has given a darn, not even my representative, Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks. Ft. Worth does not enforce the law equally. They protect the indigents, they protect the homeless and they selectively enforce the laws and ordinances. They protect each other, even the Department Heads and Police Chief. The egg belongs on the faces of every Ft. Worth City Council person except for Mr. Zim Zimmerman who was just elected to office. The Councilmembers don't have a clue to how the City Departments are managed and on what principles. I pray that the seats will stay hot for Ft. Worth's City 'leaders' regarding this incident.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's up with Fort Worth Cops raiding a Gay Bar?

What are the 'Good ol Boys' up to now? "One patron was seriously injured in the raid, several protesters said, as police used excessive force in making seven arrests. Police defended their actions."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Michael Jackson - the world isn't the same w/out you.

Thank you for all you brought us. May your children be in loving, caring, nurturing, emotionally healthy homes and your legacy, music, and smooth moves, ('will') live forever and ever. May you rest in peace. You did it like no other and your voice was magnificent and above all (literally).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grapevine Cops wouldn't do anything about this case of Animal Cruelty -- said there was no law against it!

Grapevine, Texas Police were called to the scene of 3 dogs chained in back of a pickup truck in 100+ heat with no water, shelter, food and cruelly confined. If a dog can't move because the chains around him are so tangled, that's cruelly confined. If you don't supply proper food, water and shelter for a domesticated animal, that's cruelty and against the law. Why won't our municipalities and County District Attorney's prosecute animal cruelty BEFORE the animals are dead?

The Facts are:

Sunday, 6/21/09 @ Uncle Julios Grapevine. 7:00 p.m. in 104 degree weather -- 3 dogs -- 2 chained in pick up bed. Couldn't move. No food, no water, 6 gasoline cans. Uncle Julios would only provide water. Management did nothing else. We asked management to call the police. They said they would. Grapevine police has since confirmed Uncle Julios never called. Grapevine Police Call Record # 43233

Two officers came out -- J Newman [badge 7500] and B Estill [badge 5216]. They had no idea there was a Texas law. They basically said they could do nothing. " [The only thing they could have done anything about was if the dogs were locked inside the pick-up - which wasn't the case here]." However, one could see that both officers [in their eyes] knew it was wrong what was happening with these dogs. Anyone with a heart would know it was wrong... And why would anyone tether a dog to the bed of a truck in 104 degree weather with six gasoline cans and no water? Nothing was done.

We have two of the dog's names: Bob [Black Lab mix] and White Sox ["Heinz 57"]; third dog was a yellow Lab. All three reside at 4101 Dundee Court in Colleyville, Texas.


Texas Penal Code states:

(b) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(1) tortures an animal or in a cruel manner kills or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(2) without the owner's effective consent, kills, administers poison to, or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(3) fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care, or shelter for an animal in the person's custody;

(4) abandons unreasonably an animal in the person's custody;

(5) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner;

(6) without the owner's effective consent, causes bodily injury to an animal;

(7) causes one animal to fight with another animal, if either animal is not a dog;

(8) uses a live animal as a lure in dog race training or in dog coursing on a racetrack; or

(9) seriously overworks an animal.

(c) An offense under Subsection (b)(3), (4), (5), (6), or (9) is a Class A misdemeanor, except that the offense is a state jail felony if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09. An offense under Subsection (b)(1), (2), (7), or (8) is a state jail felony, except that the offense is a felony of the third degree if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beloved family pet accidentally euthanized at Fort Worth Animal Shelter - a product of poor management & leadership of our Ft. Worth City Council

Every City Council member should have to ride out with an Animal Control Officer at least once a year. Every City Council member should have to spend 1/2 day working at the Animal Shelter. Every City Council member should have to spend an hour each year taking dogs to the room to be euthanized. Fort Worth City Council did nothing in addressing the out of control stray animal problem until people like me started taking action and bombarding their inboxes with emails and facts about Fort Worth's animal problems. This link below tells a very sad story of what happens when government ignores a problem and sticks their heads in the sand. The system gets overloaded, things are chaotic and out of control as evidenced by this story. This is what happens when City Council Representatives ignore the issues happening in the neighborhoods they represent, this is what happens when Neighborhood Associations ignore the issues happening in the neighborhoods, this is what happens when enough residents don't speak up & out and do their part. The issues get out of control and things like this happen. Heads should roll at Fort Worth Animal Shelter. There is absolutely no excuse for this mistake. Sure, mistakes happen; however, ones like this should not be tolerated. Shame on Fort Worth City Council for complete lack of leadership on animal issues for all the years up before 2008 (when they were forced to do something about all of the egg on their faces regarding this issue).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looks like Fort Worth's Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks is not telling the truth (lying).

"Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks and Fisseler are named in the City Construction Company's incorporation papers as managers of the company. In an earlier interview both said they had no involvement with the company."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fort Worth Police Officer says, "I don't like your attitude" (because I wouldn't do his job for him). Another Central/West Meadowbrook Crime.

I told him I didn't like his attitude either. Is the police officer (Sargent) that stands on the side lines with his arms folded and doesn't bother to find out if any of us 3-4 people standing at the scene saw or heard anything related to the crime, worth his pay? You don't stand around and watch, you best get to work if I'm paying your salary! Even if you are one of 'Fort Worth's Finest,' you are still a paid employee of the taxpayers and you have a job to do, even if it is on the East side, even if it does involve another domestic violence case, even if it does involve another 4 year old endangered child!
I'll say it again, living on the East side, owning a business on the East side in Council District 8, I see more and hear more about the Fort Worth Police Department than probably any of you reading this blog site. I lay awake at night listening to police helicopters buzzing over my neighborhood more than probably any of you reading this post. Please don't discount my words as me just being negative, or me being a 'bitchy,' or anything but a concerned citizen, resident and business owner in Council District 8, East Fort Worth publishing my personal experiences while watching my neighborhood take a spiraling dive amongst all the beautiful historic houses, hundred year old trees hovering over our streets and backyards, well built houses from the 50's & 60's, and the elderly who have seen this neighborhood in it's best years and who now are being surrounded by criminals, irresponsible parents, people driving/walking the neighborhood eyeing their next target for burglary, high weeds, trash on their lawns from individuals who've been taught nothing about respect and values, streets filled with potholes and patches from the enormous amount of water main breaks, a corrupt City Hall and a career politician as a Council Rep and Neighborhood Associations who turn a blind eye to these truths and scream & holler if someone such as myself points them out. It's really bothering & sad to actually watch; however, I don't feel powerless and I will continue to do what I do.

Once again, the crime filled night ended in East Ft. Worth, Council District 8, Central/West Meadowbrook Neighborhood

Neighborhood 'leaders' downplay the crime in our neighborhood. Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks downplays the crime in the neighborhood -- however, I'm here to show you the pictures (evidence) of such crimes. This crime filled night for criminals ended right here in my neighbors side yard. Evidently, the criminals had stolen a car in west Fort Worth, completed 3 robberies in Arlington and crashed into this yard that you see above. Not good!! Come on, Hicks, whatcha gonna do? Come on, Don Boren & Wanda Conlin (hubby & wife team), Harvey & Dolores Roberts whatcha gonna do about the crime in Central & West Meadowbrook?

Ft. Worth Police Officer tries to trample on my liberties - says "You can't take pictures." What?

I was driving through my neighborhood in West Meadowbrook early one Saturday morning and noticed yet another crime scene at an East Lancaster bar in City Council District 8, East Ft. Worth. Stopped and spoke with some neighbors who were looking over at the scene. I asked what happened, they told me someone was murdered. I drove around to take pictures so that I could post it here on Morning Coffee, Evening Wine blog site. I got out of my car and started snapping shots to prove that no matter how much Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks and the leaders of West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association like to ignore the fact that this neighborhood is crime filled, crime does happen here more than any other Council District in this great City of Fort Worth! The Fort Worth police officer says, "Hey, what are you doing, you can't take pictures, this is a crime scene!" I said, "Yes, I can, what law says I can't! What is your badge number?" Since I live, and own a business, in one of the worst areas of Fort Worth, I deal with the Fort Worth police force probably more than any of you reading this blog post. I see the side of the Department that not many see. I feel it is my duty and purpose to report what I see and experience. It is wrong for any police officer to abuse their power and I have seen it more than once or twice and everytime I see it, it makes me wish that my business could afford the luxury of a manager so that I could run for office and speak up for the taxpayers who pay the salaries of the entire police force and who continue to elect people to office who aren't doing their jobs well. No matter what people call me, I think the truth should be dealt with in an effective, open, efficient manner. It Fort Worth politics, I feel the truth is hidden, covered up, ignored and unspoken. I did report this officer and to my knowledge, the officer has been questioned and taught a lesson.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shame on Fort Worth's City Council, including the Mayor for not being 'proactive' on animal welfare issues

The out of control animal issues in Fort Worth's 'uneducated' neighborhoods is astounding. Thanks to our local out of touch government for sticking their heads in the sand for the past 5 - 6 years. Especially, Council District 8 Rep, Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks, Councilman Frank Moss, Councilman Salvador Espino, Former Councilwoman Wendy Davis and the current Councilman Joel Burns who's Districts are high in Animal Control calls and pick ups.

Did your dog come from a Puppy Mill? Texas Vet Association opposes the Puppy Mill Bill! Find out what your Veterinarian supports!

There is a House Bill in committee to somewhat 'regulate' how dogs should be treated, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association came out against the Bill. Why? Are they putting money over the welfare of our beloved pets? I say "seems like it." Better ask your Vet if she/he supports the almighty dollar over the welfare of our 'domesticated' dogs!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Incumbent Ft. Worth politicians are substituting 'Mail in Ballots' for 'Pick You Up GOTV Vans' that take voters to the polls. Why?

Because when you are unsure (or insecure) about 'The People' being behind your candidacy, you don't necessarily want to be taking them to the polls now do you? My point is......the more aggressive a candidate is in pursuing mail in ballots, the more 'shallow' (for lack of a better word) that candidate is, IMO because instead of putting your thoughts, opinions, views, solutions, and your passions (if you have any) up for public auction and knocking on those doors, and talking with the people, you take the easy way out and do it, by mail, to the most vulnerable citizens of the Council District. In my mind, that's a Red Flag in my world, of what I want my Representative to be about.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beauty of Fort Worth, Texas

I decided to be 'positive' today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mail in Ballots on the rise. Why?

In East Ft. Worth, they've always been pretty high but now we are seeing them rise in other areas. Why? I think it's because they are easier to obtain (if you have money to send out the applications for such on campaign flyers) than going door to door and selling your candidacy and/or you do it the unethical, illegal way and buy them from voters, which if you have the money is easier than selling your candidacy, especially if you are an incumbent that isn't all that popular.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Murder in West Meadowbrook Neighborhood, Council District 8, East Ft. Worth

"Fort Worth police said a 20-year-old man was killed outside a nightclub early Saturday morning. Investigators said the man was shot after a fight broke out in the parking lot of Club Hypnotic in the 2900 block of East Lancaster Avenue. No arrests have been made."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is there Mail in Ballot Fraud in Fort Worth's District 8?

Take a look at the high number of mail in ballots for District 8 & District 5 in Ft. Worth Scroll down near bottom of the page and click on mail in ballot roster for the respective Council Districts, you'll see that most of the mail in ballots come from the zip codes of predominantly black areas of the Districts. WHY?

"Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas, revisited his conclusion after years of testimony that there have been no cases of in-person voter impersonation in Texas. A bigger problem, Anchia suggested, is likely fraud by individuals abusing mail-in ballots."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods - Candidate Questionnaires

Come on Fort Worth Voters. Get educated on the candidates. Here's the link

League of Women Voters of Tarrant County - Voters Guide for Ft. Worth May Elections

Questionnaires are such a great way to get educated about who's on the ballot! I hope voters will take the time to read them. Here's the link

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ft. Worth City Hall pulls plug on Candidate Forums being televised

All but two candidates in Ft. Worth Municipal elections taped a question & answer session with our opponents to be shown on the City's Cable Channel. City Hall (Probably, Mayor Mike Moncrief) has ordered that the tapings be halted due to the legalities of the City being involved in politics.
Our City of Ft. Worth is so full of corruption! The City is run like a ....well I won't say.
I hope Ft. Worth votes for change starting next Monday.

Another "forced rape" in the highest crime filled Council District in Ft. Worth - We need Change -- Vote Suzette for Council!

My opponent and her supporters like to shake their head no when I mention that District 8 carries the highest amount of total crime in the entire City of Ft. Worth and has every single year that my opponent has been in office. Kathleen Hicks likes to say, "violent crime is down," I'd like to see her tell that to this victim of what the police department label as "forced rape!" You can find some of the crime stats here Forced Rape, Forced Sodomy, theft from building, vandalism of property, drug/narcotics, trespass of property are all crimes that are UP in District 8.

My way of dealing with crime in this District would be to do the following:
1. Use my people skills, tenacity, belief in accountability of City Departments, reviewing of 911 calls in the District on a weekly basis, working with residents, providing more street lighting in areas that need it, enforcing the Class C Misdemeanor laws, holding offenders accountable, advocating for jail/prison reform that serves its purpose of deterring crime and changing people's way of thinking about how & why they make the decisions they make, holding parents accountable for being involved in their children's education and lives, holding neighborhood associations accountable for their missions -- involve and inform more residents of crimes in the neighborhood, etc. Basically working my butt off in an effective and efficient manner to better this District and rid it of the position of #1 in Crime!!

(Political Advertisement Authorized by Suzette Watkins)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My opponent & I at forum in East Ft. Worth

Fun time had by all. I am so appreciative to Historic Southside Neighborhood Association and Mr. Al Piper, for stepping up to the plate and holding this forum for the voters. It's a lot of work to do, many hours of prep and organization. I thought is was well done! Food, drinks, laughter, was all good. More Neighborhood Associations should do this for their residents and/or members.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why I love the The Libertarian Party of Texas

"The Libertarian Party of Texas supports more freedom and less government. We are fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.
We seek to restore the great American free enterprise system that made us the strongest, most powerful economy in the world: lower taxes, free markets, free trade, less regulation, and less red tape for businesses big and small.

We respect your right to live your life the way you see fit, and expect you to take responsibility for the consequences. "

Find out more at:
Libertarian Party of Texas
Pat Dixon, Chair 512-771-3936
Robert Butler,Executive Director

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This man is "mad as hell" -- I agree, WE THE PEOPLE......what about us!

How many of us are tired of what's going on in City Halls, State Capitals and Washington? A non-partisan message I find I'm in agreement with

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another show of difference in my opponent and me

I won't show up to meetings late, and ask to be able to speak first because "I" have other events to attend. At this point, all candidates have events to attend. If I cannot make plans to attend an important voters workshop for the Disabled and wait my turn like everyone else, I won't go. I sure as heck won't walk in late and ask for, nor expect, nor will I feel entitled to, special favors for any reason! Another disgusting display of elitism by my opponent.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A letter of reference to an Attorney on behalf of an employee facing 40 years -- 3 felonies for drug possession

Below is a letter I sent to the attorney for my employee. It's very disturbing to me that we have violent offenders (killers) walking the streets of E. Lancaster that we can't keep in jail, but we can't get non-violent offenders (who are putting forth great effort to remain clean & lead productive lives) out of jail. I'm for change!

Dear Ms. _____ –

So n so has been a part time employee of mine since December 2008. I have known so-n-so to be a very hard worker with a compassionate heart. I knew when I hired so-n-so that she had a criminal record with drug use. I purposefully hire people with a non-violent criminal history because I believe it is important to give such individuals a chance to work and participate in a productive cause for their life.

My business is in the middle of the homeless shelters in Ft. Worth so I get a bird’s eye view of the product of our system -- people with criminal records not being able to find jobs. It’s something that cost us taxpayers enormously! I am a huge proponent of “helping” non-violent offenders – not enabling them, but actually “helping” them get their lives back together. I am also a huge proponent of early childhood intervention and development of “at-risk” children as I believe that irresponsible parenting is the cause of most of our drug, crime & homeless problems in society.

Please let me know how I can help with so-n-so's case. I have witnessed so-n-so put forth a tremendous effort towards a drug free, responsible, hard working, productive life in the past few months and hope that our justice system will invest in keeping so-n-so clean & productive, especially since she has the desire to participate in, and work for the betterment of such.

Feel free to contact me anytime.


Suzette Watkins

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Formal Code of Ethics Complaint filed on Ft. Worth's City Council incumbent, Kathleen Hicks

(Click on image for closer view) Section 2-236 of Ft. Worth's City Code states "public office and public employment are positions of public trust imposing the duty of a fiduciary upon all employees and officeholders, who are not to use their public position for personal gain."
Section 2-238 (5) states, "No city officer, employee or advisory board member, or their spouses, shall knowingly use one's position or office of employment, or city facilities, personnel, equipment or supplies for the private gain of the city officer..."

Remember back in November of 2008 when my opponent, Kathleen Hicks' & Company, had me escorted out of the Town Hall meeting on basis of Criminal Trespassing?

My opponent's Mother, Maryellen Hicks, shouted to me that there is "No Campaigning in the House of God allowed!"
Funny my opponent, claimed expenses to this event on her Campaign Finance Report. She used lots of City personnel (tax payer dollars) to staff her campaign event, she used city postage to send out the information about the Campaign event, etc. As you can see above...that's unethical!
Sec. 2-248. Defense of official, employee or advisory board member by city attorney.
Sec. 2-249. Review of complaints by city attorney.
Sec. 2-251. Preliminary hearing.
Sec. 2-252. Final hearing.
Sec. 2-253. Oaths, requests for subpoenas and information.

VOTE suzette watkins for city council, DISTRICT 8! Saturday, May 9th.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

At local Candidate Forum last night in Ft. Worth

My opponent, Kathleen Hicks' Mother spoke for her, explaining how the "purse strings" had been cut at 17. Yeah Right, and you expect who to believe that statement?
Because I wasn't raised here in Ft. Worth and because I don't have family rooted in Ft. Worth politics, is an asset to my campaign! We need some new blood in Ft. Worth local politics. It would be good for the Eastside. It's needed. Too many tax dollars have been wasted and ignored on the backs of ...."the poor" and less affluent and less educated. It's definitely time for CHANGE! I am going to fight for it!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

More measurements should be done for each City Council District in Ft. Worth

Otherwise the Council members should be elected at large instead of by Districts. If I get elected to the Council, I will beg for code violations, crime (is currently measured by District), Animal Control calls and impoundments, sales tax income, expenses on repair of infrastructure, etc. to be measured by District. I want full accountability for my seat and my work while in office.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homelessness is not a crime, littering is -- can we get some Accountability in Ft. Worth?

I love pictures, they tell 1 0 0 0 words! Can you spare a ten or twenty dollar bill? In order for me to have a voice on Ft. Worth's City Council, please, I need your help. I'll have 1/9 of a voice for a better Ft. Worth -- one that empowers by holding people accountable. It works -- we all know that, it's just that no politician has the guts to fight for it! Donate here

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"Littering in Texas can get you a $500 fine, it is a Class C Misdemeanor (If what was littered was less than 5 pounds). Littering over 5 pounds is a Class B Misdemeanor which carries a fine of up to $2,000. Texas motto "Don't Mess with Texas"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ft. Worth's City Council District 8 - Highest crime rate in entire City and has been for last 3 - 4 years.

Always a good feeling when you wake up to a Crime Scene truck and police car sitting in front of your house! What would I do as a Council Rep to fight against crime? Look at police records every single week from my District, ask questions of and work closely with the FWPD, find out where the calls are coming from, hold everyone involved accountable, including, but not limited to, the apts who serve as a nuisance for the neighborhood, FWPD including NPOs, Code Dept., Neighborhood Associations, etc.
Vote for Change in District 8! Vote for a New Beginning in District 8! Vote for Solutions in District 8!

Vote Suzette Watkins for City Council, Saturday, May 9th!
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Interesting conversation about Industrial Uses on Cemetary Property in Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth City Council unanimously voted FOR Natural Gas Drilling Operations on Dedicated Cemetary Property. I would not have voted in favor of that case until all sides were in agreement on either ditching the site or moving gravesites to allow for the Industrial Road through the Cemetary. To me, that is a vote of conscience.