Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why won't a well connected, Dallas Animal Shelter Advisory Commissioner say when she first learned of the trapped cat that died in shelter walls?

Last week, after presenting with very defensive and protective comments over the trapped cat incident at Dallas Animal Shelter, I asked Dallas Animal Shelter Advisory Commissioner, Rebecca Poling, via Facebook comments, when did she first learn of the trapped cat that was left crying and clawing for at least 6 days, in the walls of shelter before dying. Shelter Manager has been indicted on Felony Cruelty Charges; his boss, Kent Robertson quickly resigned after indictment of Tyrone McGill. Employees asked Tyrone to rescue the cat. Did Tyrone mention the trapped cat to Kent Robertson? If so, who did Kent Robertson mention it to? We the people deserve to know if any of the Commissioners knew of the trapped cat before it died. Just for the sake of integrity. Let's start with home base.

Guess what? Within two hours of asking Poling this evidently, daunting question, I lose my position of Ft. Worth Chapter President with Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN)! Commission Chair, Skip Trimble is Secretary/Tresurer of THLN. Poling, Mr. Trimble and other THLN leaders are good friends. What's up with all of this? I smell something.
No one is above being questioned and because it's been several days with no answer from Poling, tells me that something really does smell pretty bad.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tyrone McGill, Dallas Animal Shelter Manager Charged w/Felony Animal Cruelty - why is he still on payroll?

It shouldn't matter if he is convicted or not, he needs to be off the taxpayers payroll! He knew about a cat caught in between two walls at the Dallas Shelter and he didn't bother to rescue the cat. Cat died. Something is badly wrong here! And what about Kent Robertson? Where is he in all of this mess?!