Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's up with Fort Worth Cops raiding a Gay Bar?

What are the 'Good ol Boys' up to now? "One patron was seriously injured in the raid, several protesters said, as police used excessive force in making seven arrests. Police defended their actions."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Michael Jackson - the world isn't the same w/out you.

Thank you for all you brought us. May your children be in loving, caring, nurturing, emotionally healthy homes and your legacy, music, and smooth moves, ('will') live forever and ever. May you rest in peace. You did it like no other and your voice was magnificent and above all (literally).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grapevine Cops wouldn't do anything about this case of Animal Cruelty -- said there was no law against it!

Grapevine, Texas Police were called to the scene of 3 dogs chained in back of a pickup truck in 100+ heat with no water, shelter, food and cruelly confined. If a dog can't move because the chains around him are so tangled, that's cruelly confined. If you don't supply proper food, water and shelter for a domesticated animal, that's cruelty and against the law. Why won't our municipalities and County District Attorney's prosecute animal cruelty BEFORE the animals are dead?

The Facts are:

Sunday, 6/21/09 @ Uncle Julios Grapevine. 7:00 p.m. in 104 degree weather -- 3 dogs -- 2 chained in pick up bed. Couldn't move. No food, no water, 6 gasoline cans. Uncle Julios would only provide water. Management did nothing else. We asked management to call the police. They said they would. Grapevine police has since confirmed Uncle Julios never called. Grapevine Police Call Record # 43233

Two officers came out -- J Newman [badge 7500] and B Estill [badge 5216]. They had no idea there was a Texas law. They basically said they could do nothing. " [The only thing they could have done anything about was if the dogs were locked inside the pick-up - which wasn't the case here]." However, one could see that both officers [in their eyes] knew it was wrong what was happening with these dogs. Anyone with a heart would know it was wrong... And why would anyone tether a dog to the bed of a truck in 104 degree weather with six gasoline cans and no water? Nothing was done.

We have two of the dog's names: Bob [Black Lab mix] and White Sox ["Heinz 57"]; third dog was a yellow Lab. All three reside at 4101 Dundee Court in Colleyville, Texas.


Texas Penal Code states:

(b) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(1) tortures an animal or in a cruel manner kills or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(2) without the owner's effective consent, kills, administers poison to, or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

(3) fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care, or shelter for an animal in the person's custody;

(4) abandons unreasonably an animal in the person's custody;

(5) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner;

(6) without the owner's effective consent, causes bodily injury to an animal;

(7) causes one animal to fight with another animal, if either animal is not a dog;

(8) uses a live animal as a lure in dog race training or in dog coursing on a racetrack; or

(9) seriously overworks an animal.

(c) An offense under Subsection (b)(3), (4), (5), (6), or (9) is a Class A misdemeanor, except that the offense is a state jail felony if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09. An offense under Subsection (b)(1), (2), (7), or (8) is a state jail felony, except that the offense is a felony of the third degree if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beloved family pet accidentally euthanized at Fort Worth Animal Shelter - a product of poor management & leadership of our Ft. Worth City Council

Every City Council member should have to ride out with an Animal Control Officer at least once a year. Every City Council member should have to spend 1/2 day working at the Animal Shelter. Every City Council member should have to spend an hour each year taking dogs to the room to be euthanized. Fort Worth City Council did nothing in addressing the out of control stray animal problem until people like me started taking action and bombarding their inboxes with emails and facts about Fort Worth's animal problems. This link below tells a very sad story of what happens when government ignores a problem and sticks their heads in the sand. The system gets overloaded, things are chaotic and out of control as evidenced by this story. This is what happens when City Council Representatives ignore the issues happening in the neighborhoods they represent, this is what happens when Neighborhood Associations ignore the issues happening in the neighborhoods, this is what happens when enough residents don't speak up & out and do their part. The issues get out of control and things like this happen. Heads should roll at Fort Worth Animal Shelter. There is absolutely no excuse for this mistake. Sure, mistakes happen; however, ones like this should not be tolerated. Shame on Fort Worth City Council for complete lack of leadership on animal issues for all the years up before 2008 (when they were forced to do something about all of the egg on their faces regarding this issue).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Looks like Fort Worth's Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks is not telling the truth (lying).

"Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks and Fisseler are named in the City Construction Company's incorporation papers as managers of the company. In an earlier interview both said they had no involvement with the company."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fort Worth Police Officer says, "I don't like your attitude" (because I wouldn't do his job for him). Another Central/West Meadowbrook Crime.

I told him I didn't like his attitude either. Is the police officer (Sargent) that stands on the side lines with his arms folded and doesn't bother to find out if any of us 3-4 people standing at the scene saw or heard anything related to the crime, worth his pay? You don't stand around and watch, you best get to work if I'm paying your salary! Even if you are one of 'Fort Worth's Finest,' you are still a paid employee of the taxpayers and you have a job to do, even if it is on the East side, even if it does involve another domestic violence case, even if it does involve another 4 year old endangered child!
I'll say it again, living on the East side, owning a business on the East side in Council District 8, I see more and hear more about the Fort Worth Police Department than probably any of you reading this blog site. I lay awake at night listening to police helicopters buzzing over my neighborhood more than probably any of you reading this post. Please don't discount my words as me just being negative, or me being a 'bitchy,' or anything but a concerned citizen, resident and business owner in Council District 8, East Fort Worth publishing my personal experiences while watching my neighborhood take a spiraling dive amongst all the beautiful historic houses, hundred year old trees hovering over our streets and backyards, well built houses from the 50's & 60's, and the elderly who have seen this neighborhood in it's best years and who now are being surrounded by criminals, irresponsible parents, people driving/walking the neighborhood eyeing their next target for burglary, high weeds, trash on their lawns from individuals who've been taught nothing about respect and values, streets filled with potholes and patches from the enormous amount of water main breaks, a corrupt City Hall and a career politician as a Council Rep and Neighborhood Associations who turn a blind eye to these truths and scream & holler if someone such as myself points them out. It's really bothering & sad to actually watch; however, I don't feel powerless and I will continue to do what I do.

Once again, the crime filled night ended in East Ft. Worth, Council District 8, Central/West Meadowbrook Neighborhood

Neighborhood 'leaders' downplay the crime in our neighborhood. Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks downplays the crime in the neighborhood -- however, I'm here to show you the pictures (evidence) of such crimes. This crime filled night for criminals ended right here in my neighbors side yard. Evidently, the criminals had stolen a car in west Fort Worth, completed 3 robberies in Arlington and crashed into this yard that you see above. Not good!! Come on, Hicks, whatcha gonna do? Come on, Don Boren & Wanda Conlin (hubby & wife team), Harvey & Dolores Roberts whatcha gonna do about the crime in Central & West Meadowbrook?

Ft. Worth Police Officer tries to trample on my liberties - says "You can't take pictures." What?

I was driving through my neighborhood in West Meadowbrook early one Saturday morning and noticed yet another crime scene at an East Lancaster bar in City Council District 8, East Ft. Worth. Stopped and spoke with some neighbors who were looking over at the scene. I asked what happened, they told me someone was murdered. I drove around to take pictures so that I could post it here on Morning Coffee, Evening Wine blog site. I got out of my car and started snapping shots to prove that no matter how much Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks and the leaders of West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association like to ignore the fact that this neighborhood is crime filled, crime does happen here more than any other Council District in this great City of Fort Worth! The Fort Worth police officer says, "Hey, what are you doing, you can't take pictures, this is a crime scene!" I said, "Yes, I can, what law says I can't! What is your badge number?" Since I live, and own a business, in one of the worst areas of Fort Worth, I deal with the Fort Worth police force probably more than any of you reading this blog post. I see the side of the Department that not many see. I feel it is my duty and purpose to report what I see and experience. It is wrong for any police officer to abuse their power and I have seen it more than once or twice and everytime I see it, it makes me wish that my business could afford the luxury of a manager so that I could run for office and speak up for the taxpayers who pay the salaries of the entire police force and who continue to elect people to office who aren't doing their jobs well. No matter what people call me, I think the truth should be dealt with in an effective, open, efficient manner. It Fort Worth politics, I feel the truth is hidden, covered up, ignored and unspoken. I did report this officer and to my knowledge, the officer has been questioned and taught a lesson.