Saturday, January 31, 2009

Once again, The Ft. Worth Police Department Fails (at the Taxpayer's expense)

For three years now, I have been spending hundreds of my personal volunteer hours doing the job that my opponent should be doing so that people like me, who live and/or work in City Council District 8, East Ft. Worth, can live, work, play and/or retire in a safe, clean, prosperous neighborhood in this great, beautiful City of Fort Worth.

I have sent countless emails to my City Council representative, Kathleen Hicks and other City Reps, spoken on the phone countless times with 911 operators, & Shift Supervisors, spoken personally with many beat police officers, Lieutenants, Captains, Sergeants, visited with many business owners around this Neighborhood, gone downtown to meetings about this issue with my Council Rep, gone to the Police Forums, gone to Town Hall meetings for the District, have even shown up at a few Neighborhood Association meetings, worked on Committees with the Mayors Advisory Commission on Homelessness, even pleaded with the Police Department to ENFORCE the criminal trespass law --10% of the time, they have enforced it.

I agree, Homelessness is not a crime; however, criminal trespassing is a crime.

Case and point: After much hard work, I got the District Attorney's office to approve me as a representative for my business neighbor's private property so that I could serve as the complainant on the Criminal Trespass warning that has to be written before one can be taken to jail for Criminal Trespassing. This letter, which I have faxed to the Captains that work this Division, authorizes the officers to issue a warning to perpetrators of the Criminal Trespass law. If the individual is caught on the property a second time, he/she goes to jail.

This tool works lovely because 99% of the individuals don't want to go to jail. It interrupts their druggin and drinking, so....they stay away from the area where they were given a Trespass Warning.
Problem is.....we as Business Owners on E. Lancaster cannot get the Ft. Worth Police Department to consistently enforce the law.
I called two nights ago on 4 people criminally trespassing on private business, posted property and requested that the Officers follow procedure and give me a copy of the trespass warning. Officers came out and did not issue a Criminal Trespass Warning. Nevermind that they gave tickets for drinking near a shelter, that's not the point. The perpetrators should have been issued a Criminal Trespass Warning along with their ticket for drinking w/in 1000 feet of a shelter.
The reasons that I have been given are the same reasons I've been given 100 times before: officer forgot, officers didn't know they were suppose to, officers aren't aware of the procedure, the Divisions are different now and we don't know the history, etc.

I have asked, pleaded, begged, along with several other Business Owners around E. Lancaster and we get NO CONSISTENT RESULTS!

What we do get is lip service from the Ft. Worth Police Department's Big Shots...(the ones who we taxpayers pay hard earned tax dollars to manage & lead their part of the deparment and to make sure the the communication flows up and down the Department) that there will be "zero tolerance" that there will be "community this and community that," I say that 50% of that talk has been nothing but BS! (Here in Texas, that means Bull Shit!)

I say, it's time that the people of District 8 elect a representative to the City Council office that really does give two hoots about what goes on in this District, someone that will actually advocate for, and expect change, someone that will hold all of those Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants of the Police force (whose salary is paid by the taxpayers) accountable to their words, someone that will actually get her hands dirty and not go along to get along in the bureaucratic game of politics nor go along to get along for fear of ruffling feathers in the name of personal political gain.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why would you hang out all day & night at a Convenience Store?

The Good Neighbor friendly owner of this corner store has gone to the trouble to put up those shiny metal plates on the black post in order to keep vagrants from sitting there and passing the time, dealing drugs, drinking beer, smoking crack, loitering, and various other past times on his property. He also does not sell the 40oz. fortified alcoholic beverages which greatly helps the habitual drunkards from hanging around his business which greatly helps this intersection of E. Lancaster & Riverside from looking as filthy, unsafe & infested with criminal activity as it has looked in the recent past.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another City Council District 8 - East Lancaster/East Ft. Worth/West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Crime

"A woman was sexually assaulted in an east Fort Worth parking lot by a man who supposedly was going to help her after her car broke down, police said."

When we allow Crime Activity to continue...this is what the neighborhood looks like

This is in City Council District 8 East Ft. Worth, Texas -- the District with the most crime of all the Districts in Ft. Worth for at least the past 3 years. Hence, I'm running for this seat and I sure hope I am able to boot the current seated member out! I can do a better job! I have new ideas, I have a proven record. I'm not afraid to speak up. I'll move this District along faster. I'll address the issues. I will work hard in an effective manner. I will not take criticism as personal attacks. I will not request that you call me "The Honorable anything" or "Councilmember" or any of those other undeserving name is Suzette and you can call me Suzette, I won't be offended in any way, shape or form. I'm no better than the next person and see no need for the uppity titles/names.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love this CD...."Katsuk - 'Out In The Wind" (two dots go over the "u")

Check this guy out...he's great! or ....he's coming to a Neighborhood near you (if you live in Fort Worth, Texas). The Perfect kind of music. I digg it! Something for everyone! True musical artist.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How do Ft. Worth City Council members know that FWPD is "Best in the Nation?"

It's so comical to see the City politicians talking the political talk and pandering to the Fort Worth Police Department during Pre-Council meetings. Some say that "FWPD is the best in the Nation," what formula are they using to arrive at that conclusion? Does Ft. Worth have the least crime per capita? I think not. My opponent, Kathleen Hicks, says that the FWPD are doing such a great job because they show up and Neighborhood Association meetings? (see pre-council meeting Jan. 13th 2009) Give me a break! The FWPD are the finest because they show up at Neighborhood Association meetings? Really?
Elect me to office and your tax dollars will go further....I'll handle the talk and updates for the citizens at the Neighborhood Association meetings and the FWPD can remain on the streets where they belong. (Well, I'll request one officer be at the meeting for protection of the citizens, especially the elderly, who have to get out after dark to attend the meeting.)
If my District had the highest crime rate of all Districts in the City, I can promise you, I would not be praising the Police Department because they show up at a meeting. I would say the less meetings the better, and the more neighborhood streets they could be driving or walking down, the better!
To my personal knowledge, I believe that the FWPD is a City Department that has the same Corporate America politics as any firm in downtown Ft. Worth. I believe that the FWPD is like any other workplace, everyone must be held accountable or there will be slackers that get away with, well....slacking. It seems to be "human nature." Hence, the reasons for "bosses."
I remember talking to an officer about the police department raises. As usual, it's across the board raises -- everyone gets about the same 3 - 4% raise. So, my point is, police work is a "job," why should one work extra hard if it isn't going to make a difference in her/his pay? Another area in City Government that I will advocate for change! The good hard working officers get better raises and the slackers get no raise.
To make a long story short, help elect me to office, and City Council District 8 will not be #1 in total crime for the City of Ft. Worth, our neighborhoods will become more safe, cleaner and prosperous.
I can promise you that we won't be tearing down Historic Houses in District 8 because the crime is so bad that we can't save them.
We need change in leadership in District 8! Help elect me to City Council. I have a clear vision, a record of success, willingness to be real with ALL of the people in District 8 and work hard for the betterment of the District.
(Funny, everything I mention on this blog, my opponent grabs hold of and runs with it -- that's what I call "coaching for free" on my part. It's good for the people in District 8, but it's deplorable that we don't have a City Council rep that can come up with creative ways and find solutions on her own.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Animal Control hasn't been an Issue for my Opponent...(until now).

Another two intact (un-neutered) stray dogs running around in Council District 8 which I was able to save from various things such as starvation, car tire, abuse, neglect, creating more intact stray dogs which creates more intact stray dogs and on and on. These two dogs were taken, as usual, to the Humane Society of North Texas. Funny this issue never has been a concern of my opponent's even though this Council District 8 is one of the top three Districts for Animal Control calls and problems and has been every year that my opponent has sat in the Council seat for District 8. The people of District 8 won't have to give me a heads up about issues such as this because I will be paying attention to the details of such and will be reporting to you, the people, about the progress being made every month in District 8 IF you will elect me to office and/or help me get elected to the office.

Next Opportunity to help me is:

Fundraiser Celebration
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Wednesday, Feb. 18th 5:30 - 7:30
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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's official...Council District 8 Highest in Total Crime for past 3 years

Time for Change. Three years is more than enough time to show your skills as a Council Representative. My opponent, obviously, does not know how to get the crime rate down in this district. I do. Find out how I will do this by attending my fundraisers. Next one will be on Wednesday, Feb. 18th at Rahr Brewery, 701 Galveston Ave 5:30 - 7:30pm. Sign up for campaign news at or send me your email address at and I will make sure you get invites. Vote Suzette Watkins for Ft. Worth's City Council District 8. I promise you that the crime rates will not remain at the top while I am in office. I know how to get things accomplished, I know how to work hard, I have the vision, the passion and the desire for change in ALL of District 8. Please help me get elected to office. You can donate here anytime

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lauren Whitener - what a voice and love of the stage

She'll be in Ft. Worth soon. A must see for vocal, piano, lead quitar and musical appreciationists. Such an awesome act to see. Stay tuned. If you click on the link, be sure to listen to "You Don't Know Me," "Take me to the River", "Aint no Sunshine" and...."God only Knows."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another drug deal gone bad involving a shooting in Council District 8 East Ft. Worth

" man getting shot in the leg late Monday outside a homeless shelter"

"The victim told police that he believed he was mistaken for another person who normally stands on the corner of Cypress and East Presidio and sells drugs," Henderson said

This is in the Near Eastside Urban Village along with Presbyterian Night Shelter as the article explains above -- just east of downtown off of E. Lancaster. There is no reason, at all, that anyone should be allowed to "normally" stand on a street corner and sell drugs.

Please come to my fundraiser and find out how I would combat criminal activity in District 8. My approach is a whole different approach than the current seated City Council person's handling of the business of crime in this District. District 8 has had the highest total crime percentage of all Council Districts in the City of Ft. Worth for the past two years and 11 months inwhich my opponent has been in office. This will not be the case should I be elected to represent District 8 at City Hall. I promise you.

Find out how & why my plan will work for the betterment of District 8 here:

Wednesday, Feb. 18th 2008
Rahr Brewery Fundraiser
701 Galveston Ave
Ft. Worth, Texas
$20 per person ($35 per couple)
Free beer, live music, food and a first hand account of my vision for District 8.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank you Senator Jim Webb for speaking up for the need of Prison Reform

"Drug addicts and the mentally ill take up cells that would be better used for violent criminals. And politicians have failed to address this costly problem for fear of being labeled "soft on crime." Senator Jim Webb

I wonder if our local reps have the courage and/or wisdom to address such. Reforming jail & prison systems -- such a needed task! Such a failed system on which the politicians waste so many billions of our tax dollars. So many lives lost due to the negligence and courage-lessness of our politicians. Such was the case for Mr. J.B. Rai who lost his life in East Ft. Worth's neighborhood of West Meadowbrook (Council District 8) to a violent killer who had served 10 years in prison and been arrested recently for violent Misdemeanor crimes but only held in jail for 2 months and released back to the streets of Ft. Worth. Why? Because we don't have any true leaders in government who give enough of a damn and are willing to truly advocate for real change we can believe in, in Ft. Worth and the State of Texas regarding prison & jail reform.

Another reason to vote for me for District 8 City Council seat in Ft. Worth. District 8. The District has carried the most crime in the City of Ft. Worth for at least the past 3 years while my opponent has sat in office and done nothing about it.

Come to my $20 Rahr Brewery fundraiser on Wednesday, Feb. 18th and find out how I will lower crime in this District and what my plans are for the betterment of City Council District 8. Something my opponent hasn't been able to do in the three years she's been in office.

Ft. Worth fund involved in Madoff Scheme

"Taxpayers could have a stake in the problem. Like most pension funds, the Fort Worth fund invests contributions from both the city and municipal employees and pays benefits to retired employees. If the investments don’t earn enough, the city can be forced to make up the difference."

"Five years ago, Fort Worth invested $7.5 million in Rye Select Broad Market, which in turn invested most of its money with Madoff’s firm."

"In 2004, Fort Worth invested $6 million in the Bayou Fund, another hedge fund that also turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. In this case, the retirement fund invested directly with the hedge fund"

"The Fort Worth pension fund has been under scrutiny for more than two years."

"The Fort Worth City Council voted in 2007 to increase its contribution to the fund to close the gap. In April, the fund reported that its shortfall had dropped to $237 million."

We need CHANGE in our local City of Ft. Worth government. Someone who won't necessarity go along to get along because they are more concerned about their political careers than they are the people they are supposedly representing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

East Ft. Worth suspected Killer had past Criminal History

"According to Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials, Coulter was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1994 on an aggravated robbery conviction out of Amarillo. He was paroled in August 2004, after serving almost 10 years, and his sentence completed in February 2007.
Tarrant County court records and Fort Worth police reports show Coulter had two misdemeanor convictions in 2008 for assault with bodily injury – one involving a 61-year-old male victim and the other a 52-year-old female family member. In both cases, Coulter was sentenced to 60 days in jail."

How many times have I said that our elected officials must start to CHANGE the way we punish criminals. Especially, first time, non-violent offenders, drug offenders, Misdemeanor offenders, etc. Putting criminals in a room for a period of time and expecting them to be a changed person when the door is open is a waste of millions of our tax dollars.

Help me get elected to the District 8 City Council seat and you will see an outspoken working girl for the people. You will see someone advocating for DIFFERENT ways of conducting business in our City Hall, jails, municipal courts, county jails, state prisons, neighborhood homeless shelters, neighborhood motels, police department staff duties and accountabilities, neighborhood associations, etc. With a seat on the Council, I will be better able to directly influence CHANGE for the taxpayers, the homeless population, the criminal population, the non-profit businesses....everybody! Everybody is somebody in District 8 and everybody needs some accountability thrown their way. What we do in government MUST work for the people....the taxpayers....the owners of government!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Murder in West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Today

Shame on the current City Council person (my opponent) for not caring enough about the crime in the neighborhoods of District 8 to do more than dog & pony shows about the safety of District 8. The entire time, 3 years & 7 months that she has sat on the City Council, crime has not gone down in District 8 and District 8 has won the prize for having more total crime than any other Council District in the City of Ft. Worth.

Nor has my opponent pushed for the CFW to take aggressive action on places of business that habor criminals and criminal activity (like the Motel next door to the gas station where this murder took place).

Please bring me garage sale items for my Garage Sale fundraiser by Jan. 23rd and/or come to my $20 fundraiser on Feb. 18th, Rahr Brewery, 701 Galveston Ave. Ft. Worth, Texas and hear my plan for improving the safety & scenery for East Ft. Worth's Council District 8.

More information here:
Campaign website here:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your Property is Infringing upon my Rights

In Ft. Worth's City Council District 8, "A pit bull terrier mauled the 61-year-old man in a vacant field as he strolled home from a neighborhood convenience store."

When we can't walk the streets of our neighborhoods, when children can't ride their bikes around the neighborhood, when we can't walk our dogs around the neighborhood because of the actions of an irresponsible dog owner, something must be done (and should have been done a long time ago when Animal Control statistics revealed the problem). So don't tell me, Local & State government officials, that you "care" and/or "concerned" and are "pro-active" about Quality of Life issues in East Ft. Worth. I ain't buyin it!

Attend my campaign fundraiser on Wednesday, Feb. 18th 5:30pm Rahr Brewery - 701 Galveston Ave, Ft. Worth, TX 76104 and hear my solutions for such issues in District 8.