Saturday, January 24, 2009

How do Ft. Worth City Council members know that FWPD is "Best in the Nation?"

It's so comical to see the City politicians talking the political talk and pandering to the Fort Worth Police Department during Pre-Council meetings. Some say that "FWPD is the best in the Nation," what formula are they using to arrive at that conclusion? Does Ft. Worth have the least crime per capita? I think not. My opponent, Kathleen Hicks, says that the FWPD are doing such a great job because they show up and Neighborhood Association meetings? (see pre-council meeting Jan. 13th 2009) Give me a break! The FWPD are the finest because they show up at Neighborhood Association meetings? Really?
Elect me to office and your tax dollars will go further....I'll handle the talk and updates for the citizens at the Neighborhood Association meetings and the FWPD can remain on the streets where they belong. (Well, I'll request one officer be at the meeting for protection of the citizens, especially the elderly, who have to get out after dark to attend the meeting.)
If my District had the highest crime rate of all Districts in the City, I can promise you, I would not be praising the Police Department because they show up at a meeting. I would say the less meetings the better, and the more neighborhood streets they could be driving or walking down, the better!
To my personal knowledge, I believe that the FWPD is a City Department that has the same Corporate America politics as any firm in downtown Ft. Worth. I believe that the FWPD is like any other workplace, everyone must be held accountable or there will be slackers that get away with, well....slacking. It seems to be "human nature." Hence, the reasons for "bosses."
I remember talking to an officer about the police department raises. As usual, it's across the board raises -- everyone gets about the same 3 - 4% raise. So, my point is, police work is a "job," why should one work extra hard if it isn't going to make a difference in her/his pay? Another area in City Government that I will advocate for change! The good hard working officers get better raises and the slackers get no raise.
To make a long story short, help elect me to office, and City Council District 8 will not be #1 in total crime for the City of Ft. Worth, our neighborhoods will become more safe, cleaner and prosperous.
I can promise you that we won't be tearing down Historic Houses in District 8 because the crime is so bad that we can't save them.
We need change in leadership in District 8! Help elect me to City Council. I have a clear vision, a record of success, willingness to be real with ALL of the people in District 8 and work hard for the betterment of the District.
(Funny, everything I mention on this blog, my opponent grabs hold of and runs with it -- that's what I call "coaching for free" on my part. It's good for the people in District 8, but it's deplorable that we don't have a City Council rep that can come up with creative ways and find solutions on her own.)

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