Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your Property is Infringing upon my Rights

In Ft. Worth's City Council District 8, "A pit bull terrier mauled the 61-year-old man in a vacant field as he strolled home from a neighborhood convenience store."

When we can't walk the streets of our neighborhoods, when children can't ride their bikes around the neighborhood, when we can't walk our dogs around the neighborhood because of the actions of an irresponsible dog owner, something must be done (and should have been done a long time ago when Animal Control statistics revealed the problem). So don't tell me, Local & State government officials, that you "care" and/or "concerned" and are "pro-active" about Quality of Life issues in East Ft. Worth. I ain't buyin it!

Attend my campaign fundraiser on Wednesday, Feb. 18th 5:30pm Rahr Brewery - 701 Galveston Ave, Ft. Worth, TX 76104 and hear my solutions for such issues in District 8.

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