Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another local small business I support - plumber

I go in East Lancaster Vet office alot and one of the girls working the front desk said, "hey my husband just started his own business so if you ever need a plumber, call him." I have used him twice since then and referred him to a friend of mine. We both were very happy with his work and service. So, when you need a plumber, please consider supporting Paradise Plumbing. It's another small business that helps make Ft. Worth what it is today. Tell them you were referred by #1012 and maybe my next bill will be a little less expensive. Today it was $75 for installing a new flapper on the toilet. Not bad. I was happy. Paradise Plumbing 817-680-0935.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Frank Moss' Lack of Ability to face the Truth

I've listened to the last two pre-council meetings on the City Cable channel. Both times they have discussed the problems with the issues around Dogs in our city -- Dangerous Dogs, Tethering Dogs, and the dire need to spay/neuter dogs. Mostly due to the media exposure that a Dangerous Dog attack gets, especially if a human life is lost because of it. It seems that Frank Moss wants to put blame anywhere put on his District Five residents. During the first week's discussion Frank Moss suggested that "people were coming from other cities and dropping off their dogs here in Ft. Worth." This past week when Danny Scarth brought up the fact that something has to be done about the Pitt Bulls attacking people and could we get help from the State of Texas to strenghten the laws and have more accountability for the owners of Dangerous Dogs that attack, Frank Moss said that the only complaints he gets from his constituents are "the dogs running aloose in the streets."

Below is an email I sent to Mr. Moss to remind him that every dog owner is responsible for providing proper care for their dog (that THEY CHOOSE to own), which includes a proper safe environment for the dog as well as the community. No matter if you are rich or poor, one is still responsible for their actions. No matter if you are Black, White, or Brown, one is still responsible for their choices and actions. If this issue is a concern to you, please email your City Politicians and help keep the pressure on them to do all that can about cruelty to dogs in our City. (District 5 - Southeast Ft. Worth) (District 8 - East Ft. Worth) (District 2 - North Ft. Worth)

Mr. Moss -

I've listened to the last two pre council meetings and am somewhat perplexed by your comments about the dog problem in our City and your District.

Last week you spoke of "hearing that people from other cities are dropping off their unwanted dogs in Ft. Worth." This past week you said that the "only complaints you are hearing from your constituents are about dangerous dogs running aloose in the neighborhood."

Perhaps you are not understanding that the reason(s) why there are so many dogs running loose in our city, especially District 5, is because many, if not the large majority, of residents do not:

1. have any knowledge of the proper and safe care of the dogs that they choose to own;

2. believe in spay and neutering their dogs.

3. believe that dogs are social by nature and need love and attention.

The above combination leads to many unhealthy, sometimes dangerous, dogs running the streets in District 5 and around our City. It would be appreciated if you and the others who represent Districts where we spend most of our tax dollars on Animal Control (5, 8 & 2) would step up, individually, as a community leaders about the problem, and do more for educating your constituents.

Regardless of race or income level, everyone is responsible for the proper, humane & safe care of their dog(s) that they have choosen to own! No excuses, Mr. Moss.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chris Hatch for FWISD Board President

I have known Chris Hatch for 3 years -- he is currently providing CPA services for me. I know Chris Hatch to be an honest, "by the book" businessman. I know that Chris has been highly involved in the FWISD for several years. I know that he wants what's best for the children who attend our public schools. I hope you will consider voting for Chris. Early voting starts Monday, June 2nd.

His recent mailer said this

"I am writing today to ask for your continued help and support. My opponent's campaign outspent us more than 3-1 with downtown, special interest money. However, we finished within a few votes of each other. They spent $10,000 for a lavish fundraiser and paid over $2,000 to have their campaign signs set up around town. By contrast, my campaign has been run on the efforts of myself, my family, and friends like you. I need your support in order to continue the race."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama calls reporter "sweetie"

Puh---leeze! These are the kind of "things" that make me sick in regards to Obama.

"How can anything be politically correct when politics itself is incorrect?!"

The title of this post, a quote from a very dear Black friend of mine who I love dearly and who of political repercussions! In other words, is totally true to her beliefs. I've always resonated with Black women (most) because their spirit is alot like mine. Maybe because many of my Great Grandparents and family, including my Mother were poor and/or raised poor and there is an element of "survival" and ........ some pulling of the boot straps to get here from where we have come. Black women (some, not all!! don't take me literally all the time) have a "toughness of mind" that I find attractive and a much needed comodity in our communities.

I know on this blog that I mention Black people alot and some who don't know me may think I am a racist. Keep reading, hold tight and keep an open mind.

Anyway, I came across this and found it interesting. I'm not a fan of Barack Obama, I don't believe in him, I don't take him at his word. I don't find him to appear to, mean what he says, and words combined with actions mean alot to me. I hope he does not get the nomination.

I think the below link, ties in with the title of the post, I just took the long way around with the personal info which just came to mind, so I shared it. It felt like the "wright" thing to do. BTW, I enjoyed Rev. Wright, I loved his theatrics and he is the best orator I've ever heard. I respect him more than I do Obama because he is real. You can feel his belief and passion in what he says, unlike Obama. Just my p e r s o n a l perspective. Everyone has one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hiding Behind Clothing

Suits & Ties come to mind...High Heels, Skirts, Jackets, Jewelry, Haircuts, Make-Up, Shoes, Perfume, Cologne, Hats, Facial Expressions, far down the chain do we want to go? All of this equals -- The Shallow Side of America. Why can't we think deeper as a Society? Why can't we "argue" points and actually "listen" to one another? I mean, some of us can and really get off on doing it, others (like my Councilperson, IMO) want to ......."turn away".....this bothers me because if you are an elected politician and your job is to represent me and my neighbors...........hummmm .....ya need to be listening. Otherwise, we have to .....guess at things, and if I were an elected official, I wouldn't want my constituents guessing at why my decisions are as they are. (not suppose to end sentences like I did, but oh well.....)

Moral of The Post: Why does (alot of Black people would say "do") it matter, so much, what we wear in Corporate America? It's really the ....."INSIDE" of the clothing that matters!

The Salvation Army in Ft. Worth, Texas

The Salvation Army

"William Booth began The Salvation Army in July 1865. Preaching to a small congregation in the slums of London, his spirit was as militant as that of a professional soldier while battling an almost overwhelming army. Thieves, prostitutes, gamblers, and drunkards were among Booth's first converts to Christianity. His congregation were desperately poor. He preached hope and salvation. His aim was to lead them to Christ and link them to a church for continued spiritual guidance.
Even though Booth's followers were converted, churches did not accept them because of what they had been. However, Booth gave their lives direction in both a spiritual and practical manner and put them to work to save others who were like themselves. They, too preached and sang in the streets as a living testimony to the power of God. "
" His fervor led to disagreement with church leaders in London, who preferred traditional methods."
"He set up a tent in a Quaker graveyard, and his services became an instant success."

"In 1878, Booth was reading a printer's proof of the organization's annual report when he noticed the statement, "the Christian Mission under the (sic) Superintendent's of the Rev. William Booth is a volunteer army." He crossed out the words "volunteer army" and penned in "Salvation Army." From those words came the basis of the foundation deed of The Salvation Army which was adopted in August of that same year."

" So Booth continued giving his new converts spiritual direction, challenging them to save others like themselves."
" he attracted followers who were dedicated to fight for the souls of men and women."

"Each territory operates under the broad general policies established by International Headquarters. National policies are established by the Commissioners' Conference, composed of the four territorial commanders and presided over by the National Commander. This structure permits local leadership to respond to conditions and needs in each community, while maintaining unity on overall policies."
"Advisory organizations provide valuable assistance and advice. Local community leaders volunteer their efforts to help the Army in maintaining good business and professional relations."

As of today, in Ft. Worth, although the Salvation Army does many good deeds and actually helps many people, they have veered slightly off course from the very foundation on which Booth founded the org. Why? Because you are doing nothing but enabling and promoting an attitude of expectation and entitlement when you hand out a free piece of bread to people who don't have to do one thing but stick out their hand for a freebie. The Salvation Army along with the Presbyterian Night Shelter, is like bread crumbs because the chronic street homeless people with stay w/in pecking distance of the building so that their freebies will be close. This makes the neighborhood full of drunks, druggies, x-cons who are living a crime filled life because no one will hire them, and a few mentally ill who have been released from hospital, jail or are trying to get away from a filthy, unmanaged group home.

Solution? Stop the Free Handouts. Everyone has to do something to get something, nothing is for free. Stop feeding people outside of the building, only feed inside your walls and only free feed once per week as opposed to 7 days per week. Otherwise you are enabling the addicts and criminals to continue their way of life.

Note: most of the people in the pictures have cigarettes and cell phones living for free on your tax paid lands, having no respect for that land and trashing it all to hell. You allow it by not speaking up for more respect for your land.

CFW taking comments regarding homelessness until May 16, 2008 at Please send in your comments today.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Power to who? The People? What People?

OK, on the Proposition Election today....when I read:
"Mayor Mike Moncrief made a personal pitch for the city's $150 million bond election -- Voters will not only decide on the street money but also choose council and school board members across the county. Residents in north Fort Worth have been pleading with the city to widen roads in their area, where thousands of new homes have been built along two-lane country roads.
But the election also includes $10 million to build bridges for the Trinity Uptown project, an ambitious plan to divert the Trinity River and attract development to the near north side of Fort Worth.
Neighborhood groups said the city should address existing street needs before taking care of the long-range Trinity plan.
They asked the City Council to remove the bridges from the program or split the election into two propositions, allowing a separate vote on the bridges. The council refused.
E-mails were circulating Friday accusing the city of building "bridges to nowhere" and being dishonest about the bond election."

Moncrief retorted, "I think this process has been very transparent. ... We didn't try to sneak anything in."
If the bond election fails, he said, "The $150 million we're talking about today is going to cost $300 million."
He said the bridge spending would leverage $50 million in state and federal funding.
It's also cheaper to build the new bridges before the Trinity River is diverted, he said."

OK Moncrief - whether or not building the bridges now is a good business decision for the City is not the first question. The first question is:

1. Why Moncrief do you see the need to combine this controversial Build Trinity Bridges Now issue with the neighborhood street upgrades? Is it because you want to force the Building of the Trinity Bridges down our throats?

I, personally, don't see it any other way and that's not a "power to the people" - "Ft. Worth Way" of doing business that you love to brag about. To me, it's a "my way or the highway," screw "power to the people" way of doing things around here. "I'm the head of this City and everyone will do as I say."
If Moncrief wanted to make a Build the Trinity Bridges Now case from a business standpoint then he could have done that with the issue separated from the Neighborhood Street upgrades. He must not have felt to confident about it passing as a separate issue and choose to piggyback it with something that the citizens can hardly refuse. That's not right!

Not only is Moncrief to blame, so are the Council members for not speaking up for what's right for the people. So, like Steve-O writes about the City Hall culture at seems that no Council member really has the political courage to buck the Mayor, or hell, maybe they don't know better -- perhaps they are all blinded by the gas dollars, or a personal political agenda to reach higher ground by way of Moncrief's money and influence.

This is the first real issue that I have personally been able to see where Mayor Moncrief has used his power to manipulate the voters of Ft. Worth. I've sort of just listened to all the other ones because I didn't know enough, but on this one I can say that I think the two issues should have been put before the voters separately and let the cards fall where they may. Shame Shame on Mayor and the City Council. Just my opinion. And no this doesn't mean that I "hate" the Mayor, I just disagree with him on the way this whole Proposition was handled and will be more suspicious of him and the entire Council and their agendas.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another enslaved dog in East Ft. Worth

When thinking about building fancy, some say un-neccessary bridges in our great City, it makes me believe that we are too focused on the wrong things. I mean really, first things first right? Why aren't we demanding that more be done about the abuse of the dogs in Ft. Worth?
Please email pictures and/or words of encouragement to our Mayor and City Council in support of mandatory spay & neutering of dogs as well as humane treatment thereof to:
Please report all suspect dog abuse/mistreatment to CFW Animal Control at 817-392-3737.

Dear Mayor & Council Members -

As I have said many times before, you can't drive in most parts of District 5 and parts of District 8 in East Ft. Worth and not see abused, mistreated dogs chained to a variety of objects w/out food and water, love and attention. This is a quality of life issue, it is a cruelty to animals issue, it's a what are we teaching our children issue.

This is heartbreaking! This poor dog doesn't deserve to be enslaved or without food or water. Are we not better than this as society? This is disgraceful!

We aren't doing enough to educate and reprehend ignorant dog owners in our City. Enough of you are not leading the cause about proper dog care. You have allowed this to get out of control. This problem belongs in your laps. Those of you who have large low income populations in your Districts aren't doing enough. Why?

Where is the leadership? Where is the money for more education? Where is the money for more Animal Control Officers? Where is the money for more pay for the Animal Control officers that we have? Where is the care and concern? Where is the low cost spay and neuter clinic that should have been built years ago? Where is the law that requires spay and neutering? Where is the money for the many many sweeps and fly overs that are needed to find dog abuse/neglect in our City? Where is the money for more municipal court Judges to process the overload of court cases that we have?

It's because of lack of leadership on these types of Quality of Life issues that I can't drive in District 5 w/out seeing such scenes as this one that I have attached. Until each of you make this a public issue, we will continue to be behind the 8 ball on this issue.


Proposition 1 Bond Election

It will be interesting come this Sunday morning to see how the Bond election turns out. Some in Ft. Worth say that the Mayor and City Council snuck in some millions of dollars as a pork project to get un-needed Trinity River Bridges built which will take away money from improving our neighborhood and arterial streets. The opposers say that the Trinity River Bridge money should have been separated and not included (hidden) in the Bond that the Mayor & Council are selling as a Neighborhood Betterment package. Here's what I've found:

"Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department identified $335.3 million worth of existing neighborhood streets in need of reconstruction citywide – about 480 roadways. The proposed 2008 bond program provides $33 million to address these neighborhood streets."

So the City is going to take care of 10% of the neighborhood streets in need of reconstruction.

"Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department identified two major bridge projects for funding through the proposed bond program —the West Seventh Street bridge and three new Trinity River Vision bridges on Henderson and North Main streets and White Settlement Road. The cost of both projects is an estimated $108 million, but if the city commits $22.2 million, the remaining costs will be covered primarily with state and federal funds. Because the city does not have $22.2 million in its operating budget to pay for its portion, it has been included in the bond program."

"The city already is obligated to pay for a portion of construction costs for the three new Trinity River Vision bridges. In 2007, council approved incorporating the Trinity River Uptown Plan into the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which included a $26.1 million capital investment commitment. Part of that capital investment is the $10.2 million in the proposed bond program earmarked for the three bridges. The bridges are needed as a result of construction of the flood protection bypass channel on the Trinity River. This bypass channel crosses White Settlement, Henderson and North Main, and the bridges are necessary to maintain the integrity of our Central City’s arterial road system." (is this really true?)

On the contrary, I get emails that contain such as:

"DON'T let yourselves be fooled by the flier that our Mayor sent out to all the registered voters via the mail Tuesday. If this were all on the up and up, they would have spent such a HUGE amount of money to send out the mass mailing. There is desperation to try to convince us that there is an immediate need and that it’s the right way to keep F.W. moving.

Financial Mismanagement is what is keeping Fort Worth from moving as well as why we have what we do now. Over all there’s a combined $4 BILLION $$$ DOLLAR SHORTFALL (DEBT). It is time to vote responsibly. It is known by the Mayor and Council that there is such a high volume of opposition to the bond throughout the city, that is why there was a mass mailing of the flier. It was known by our “ELECTED” city officials of the MANY Neighborhood Associations, City Neighborhood Sector Alliances, The F.W. League of Neighborhoods and other organizations suggested they remove the bridges from the bond and make the bridges a separate issue on the ballot and they refused. "

Who knows the right thing to do? It all sounds sort of confusing, room for a little untruth, room for a bunch of our money to be wasted, room for a bunch of money to be made by perhaps a few, especially if you are in the construction business. I honestly have no idea what would be the best way to vote on this issue. With that said, I already voted and it will be interesting to see how the numbers come out on Sunday. I'll bet it passes just because I doubt most people will vote against our local Mayor and government and the sales pitch sounds good, I mean everyone wants better neighborhood streets "w/out raising taxes" and that's what they are selling it as....we'll see.

Fort Worth Chamber says

"this Chamber has always supported a street bond election to improve our quality of life. That's our mission and we believe this bond program will accomplish these goals:

· Improve neighborhood streets without increasing tax rates
· Relieve congestion on major thoroughfares, including needed bridge repairs and enhancements
· Improve dangerous intersections and upgrade traffic signals
· Allow better response times for police, firefighters, ambulances
· And bring millions of dollars in matching grants from federal and state road funds"

Why no mention of Trinity River Vision by the Chamber? Just asking?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Talk Ft. Worth - A citywide conversation

Do you have any comments on Ft. Worth's 10 yr. Homeless Plan?

Now is the time to let your voice be heard by attending one of these Public Forums:

May 7, 2008
6:30 P.M.
Salvation ArmyMabee Center
1855 E. LancasterFort Worth, TX 76103

May 8, 2008
6:30 P.M.
Riverside Community Center
3700 E. BelknapFort Worth, TX 76111

May 13, 2008
6:30 P.M.
United Way of Tarrant County
1500 N. Main StFort Worth, TX 76102

Or emailing your comments here:

For more info:

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tom's Story in Homelessness

Dear Mayor (and others who make decisions concerning Quality of Life in Ft. Worth and the spending of our tax dollars) -

Below is a perfect example of why I believe the priority of Extending Services with Accountability should be before Building Housing in the 10 yr. Homeless Plan:

Tom (homeless man) came up to my business door this morning asking if he could pick up the trash in front of the kennel, ie. work (like he has done many times before), I took this opportunity, (like I do many times) to engage him in conversation about why he is where he is and why his life isn't a healthier one. His reasons were:

1. My wife died of cancer and ......
2. I am an alcoholic.

I asked what could be done to help him get over his alcoholism, his reply:

3. Well, I tried to get in detox, but they told me there are no beds available (opportunity for CFW today)

I asked him about a job, his reply:

4. Well, I did some temp work the other day for JD Brown (a guy that picks up people for work everyday) and had a seizure, had to be taken by ambulance to JPS, they gave me 4 prescriptions but I can't get them filled because I'm not classified. (opportunity for CFW today).

5. Thought he could get classified at Day Resource Center. (opportunity for CFW today).

Things that CFW should be doing today, not tommorrow, which could all be included in a Central Resource Facility:

1. Get more detox & long term residential beds with counseling services available today. (sign up should be available at CRF)
2. Make it easy to get in a program for life change. (sign up should be available at CRF)
3. Make it easy to get classified (classification is needed in order for homeless/indigent to get meds free) - (sign up should be available at CRF)
4. Make it easier to get meds and more convenient. (should be available at existing JPS clinic on E. Lancaster)
5. Before you can get into program, you must have meds, this is a huge deterent for the homeless as it's a pain to go across town, get a bus ticket, blah blah blah - 9 times out of 10, they will have another beer and do this tommorrow -- as one homeless person told me, "Tommorrow never comes."
6. Involve the local business owners in the rehab of these individuals, like visitations while in rehab and such so that they know and see that someone cares.

If the CFW, County, and State of Texas would take the time to straighten out some of your beauracratic red tape road blocks for the homeless, do some minor and small rethinking of logistics of the system, you would find that you may not need as much of our taxdollars spent on housing as you say you do now, as once you get people's outlook on their life changed and get them working, they will be able to pay their own bills. Of course, not all, but many!

Your priorities are wrong in your 10 yr. Homeless Plan.

Feel free to contact me, Tom, or other homeless people.

Your consideration is expected.