Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Talk Ft. Worth - A citywide conversation


Anonymous said...

I am afraid to speak in Let's Talk because it is the 2008 Comprehensive Plan review. I am afraid to speak up because our dreams and ideas will be turned into Comprehensive Program Plans to be paid for by us. I don't want to be tricked again with "hidden costs". Our water fees and sales taxes go into the City General Fund to buy "eminent domain" land as that money passes thru to the Tarrant Regional Water District to pay its contribution to "eminent domain" land. Our water bill "fees" pay for Municipal Art during our "water restrictions". The current 2006 audit says the City does not have enough money in the General Fund. So, late in April City Council removed $2.5mil from "Street Repairs" and put it into the City General Fund. This is out of focus when the Mayor wants to raise property taxes $.02 per $100 and pay the lobbyists in Austin to raise the property tax limit. When did we residents become an open wallet?

Suzette said...

Anonymous - Excellent question. Why don't you attend the citywide conversation and ask questions such as these? Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It's people like you who can help make a difference in Ft. Worth by asking these types of questions which help keep our government transparent, honest and accountable, IMO.