Monday, May 12, 2008

Hiding Behind Clothing

Suits & Ties come to mind...High Heels, Skirts, Jackets, Jewelry, Haircuts, Make-Up, Shoes, Perfume, Cologne, Hats, Facial Expressions, far down the chain do we want to go? All of this equals -- The Shallow Side of America. Why can't we think deeper as a Society? Why can't we "argue" points and actually "listen" to one another? I mean, some of us can and really get off on doing it, others (like my Councilperson, IMO) want to ......."turn away".....this bothers me because if you are an elected politician and your job is to represent me and my neighbors...........hummmm .....ya need to be listening. Otherwise, we have to .....guess at things, and if I were an elected official, I wouldn't want my constituents guessing at why my decisions are as they are. (not suppose to end sentences like I did, but oh well.....)

Moral of The Post: Why does (alot of Black people would say "do") it matter, so much, what we wear in Corporate America? It's really the ....."INSIDE" of the clothing that matters!

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