Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"How can anything be politically correct when politics itself is incorrect?!"

The title of this post, a quote from a very dear Black friend of mine who I love dearly and who of political repercussions! In other words, is totally true to her beliefs. I've always resonated with Black women (most) because their spirit is alot like mine. Maybe because many of my Great Grandparents and family, including my Mother were poor and/or raised poor and there is an element of "survival" and ........ some pulling of the boot straps to get here from where we have come. Black women (some, not all!! don't take me literally all the time) have a "toughness of mind" that I find attractive and a much needed comodity in our communities.

I know on this blog that I mention Black people alot and some who don't know me may think I am a racist. Keep reading, hold tight and keep an open mind.

Anyway, I came across this and found it interesting. I'm not a fan of Barack Obama, I don't believe in him, I don't take him at his word. I don't find him to appear to, mean what he says, and words combined with actions mean alot to me. I hope he does not get the nomination.

I think the below link, ties in with the title of the post, I just took the long way around with the personal info which just came to mind, so I shared it. It felt like the "wright" thing to do. BTW, I enjoyed Rev. Wright, I loved his theatrics and he is the best orator I've ever heard. I respect him more than I do Obama because he is real. You can feel his belief and passion in what he says, unlike Obama. Just my p e r s o n a l perspective. Everyone has one.


VinnyV28 said...

If you ever find yourself actually "believing" in ANY Presidential candidate and taking them at their word, then you have lost your mind (or are in another country perhaps).

For example:
George Bush is a man that did what he/his friends wanted with little regard for others or this country's long-term interests.
Hillary Clinton is an actress with control issues.
John McCain is a bitter man that has played the politics game far too long.
Palin is a loudmouth George Bush with the brain of a parakeet (I suppose that is a redundant description). She wears lipstick. Big whoop.

Call me a cynical GenX'er, but once someone has been in politics awhile or has moved to national politics, that person is "un-trustable". I know this runs counter to the conservative belief that you should always respect your president, but #1: Most traditions like that are dangerous and #2: I ALWAYS question the actions of people that have power and money in this country.

As for Obama... I'm waiting to see. I gave Bush a long time and many chances to redeem himself. He didn't. Obama-haters were spewing disparaging remarks well before he even took office! That's how intolerant and divisive we've become I guess.

Suzette Watkins said...

VinnyV - I hear ya. Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions and comments here at Morning Coffee, Evening Wine. We agree on much of what you said.