Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chris Hatch for FWISD Board President

I have known Chris Hatch for 3 years -- he is currently providing CPA services for me. I know Chris Hatch to be an honest, "by the book" businessman. I know that Chris has been highly involved in the FWISD for several years. I know that he wants what's best for the children who attend our public schools. I hope you will consider voting for Chris. Early voting starts Monday, June 2nd.

His recent mailer said this

"I am writing today to ask for your continued help and support. My opponent's campaign outspent us more than 3-1 with downtown, special interest money. However, we finished within a few votes of each other. They spent $10,000 for a lavish fundraiser and paid over $2,000 to have their campaign signs set up around town. By contrast, my campaign has been run on the efforts of myself, my family, and friends like you. I need your support in order to continue the race."

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