Friday, May 9, 2008

Another enslaved dog in East Ft. Worth

When thinking about building fancy, some say un-neccessary bridges in our great City, it makes me believe that we are too focused on the wrong things. I mean really, first things first right? Why aren't we demanding that more be done about the abuse of the dogs in Ft. Worth?
Please email pictures and/or words of encouragement to our Mayor and City Council in support of mandatory spay & neutering of dogs as well as humane treatment thereof to:
Please report all suspect dog abuse/mistreatment to CFW Animal Control at 817-392-3737.

Dear Mayor & Council Members -

As I have said many times before, you can't drive in most parts of District 5 and parts of District 8 in East Ft. Worth and not see abused, mistreated dogs chained to a variety of objects w/out food and water, love and attention. This is a quality of life issue, it is a cruelty to animals issue, it's a what are we teaching our children issue.

This is heartbreaking! This poor dog doesn't deserve to be enslaved or without food or water. Are we not better than this as society? This is disgraceful!

We aren't doing enough to educate and reprehend ignorant dog owners in our City. Enough of you are not leading the cause about proper dog care. You have allowed this to get out of control. This problem belongs in your laps. Those of you who have large low income populations in your Districts aren't doing enough. Why?

Where is the leadership? Where is the money for more education? Where is the money for more Animal Control Officers? Where is the money for more pay for the Animal Control officers that we have? Where is the care and concern? Where is the low cost spay and neuter clinic that should have been built years ago? Where is the law that requires spay and neutering? Where is the money for the many many sweeps and fly overs that are needed to find dog abuse/neglect in our City? Where is the money for more municipal court Judges to process the overload of court cases that we have?

It's because of lack of leadership on these types of Quality of Life issues that I can't drive in District 5 w/out seeing such scenes as this one that I have attached. Until each of you make this a public issue, we will continue to be behind the 8 ball on this issue.


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