Sunday, May 25, 2008

Frank Moss' Lack of Ability to face the Truth

I've listened to the last two pre-council meetings on the City Cable channel. Both times they have discussed the problems with the issues around Dogs in our city -- Dangerous Dogs, Tethering Dogs, and the dire need to spay/neuter dogs. Mostly due to the media exposure that a Dangerous Dog attack gets, especially if a human life is lost because of it. It seems that Frank Moss wants to put blame anywhere put on his District Five residents. During the first week's discussion Frank Moss suggested that "people were coming from other cities and dropping off their dogs here in Ft. Worth." This past week when Danny Scarth brought up the fact that something has to be done about the Pitt Bulls attacking people and could we get help from the State of Texas to strenghten the laws and have more accountability for the owners of Dangerous Dogs that attack, Frank Moss said that the only complaints he gets from his constituents are "the dogs running aloose in the streets."

Below is an email I sent to Mr. Moss to remind him that every dog owner is responsible for providing proper care for their dog (that THEY CHOOSE to own), which includes a proper safe environment for the dog as well as the community. No matter if you are rich or poor, one is still responsible for their actions. No matter if you are Black, White, or Brown, one is still responsible for their choices and actions. If this issue is a concern to you, please email your City Politicians and help keep the pressure on them to do all that can about cruelty to dogs in our City. (District 5 - Southeast Ft. Worth) (District 8 - East Ft. Worth) (District 2 - North Ft. Worth)

Mr. Moss -

I've listened to the last two pre council meetings and am somewhat perplexed by your comments about the dog problem in our City and your District.

Last week you spoke of "hearing that people from other cities are dropping off their unwanted dogs in Ft. Worth." This past week you said that the "only complaints you are hearing from your constituents are about dangerous dogs running aloose in the neighborhood."

Perhaps you are not understanding that the reason(s) why there are so many dogs running loose in our city, especially District 5, is because many, if not the large majority, of residents do not:

1. have any knowledge of the proper and safe care of the dogs that they choose to own;

2. believe in spay and neutering their dogs.

3. believe that dogs are social by nature and need love and attention.

The above combination leads to many unhealthy, sometimes dangerous, dogs running the streets in District 5 and around our City. It would be appreciated if you and the others who represent Districts where we spend most of our tax dollars on Animal Control (5, 8 & 2) would step up, individually, as a community leaders about the problem, and do more for educating your constituents.

Regardless of race or income level, everyone is responsible for the proper, humane & safe care of their dog(s) that they have choosen to own! No excuses, Mr. Moss.

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