Monday, March 31, 2008

Is having a baby at young age, punishment? What is Obama saying?

Why worry about Democratic Party Division?

Obama is selling himself as a "Great Unifier." Why then, should he and his supporters be worried about a "Divided Party?" If Clinton doesn't get the nod, we have Barack Obama to "unify" us. IMO, one is either as good as one's word or peddling BS! If Obama and his supporters have confidence in his words, then should not they be welcoming a "Divided Party?" I mean what an opportunity to showcase your talent.

Should I, or Should I not?

So I get this gas drilling contract in the mail from XTO Energy. I don't even know if I own my mineral rights because it just hasn't been something I've made time "to do." I've been sort of sickened by all the gas drilling stuff due to much, if not 99% percent, of the hard work that Don Young and TXSharon and do on the topic for us! However, if I don't sign, they still drill ; that is a fact. On the other hand, if I do sign I get $5K that I could really use about now. If my little "not signing" would make a difference, then I would not sign; the truth will make no difference.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fort Worth Police Department says enforcing Dog Laws aren't their responsibility

The day after the incident posted below about the Police being called out for the new City Ordinance that states you can't chain a dog to a stationary object, Officer Reyes called me to say that the Police Department is not responsible for enforcing the Dog Laws. It really amazes me that our Politicians create laws and Ordinances (Federal/State & Local) and have no idea nor concern about how, if, and by whom they will be enforced. It creates such many "hot potatoes" in our government and more importantly, so many of our hard earned tax dollars wasted on undoing, redoing and back peddling by our local & State politicians! Why don't they "think" about something thoroughly before signing off on it and commnunicate more with each other (State/City) so that what they do actually serves the people instead of the opposite. It is so disgusting! It still amazes me that Fort Worth politicians don't see the advantage in requiring that all dogs be spayed and neutered at 4 months of age unless the owner has breeding permit and has been thru some education classes. This would save so much money for the City and so many dogs from neglect and abuse. There are so many stray dogs in East Ft. Worth (don't know about the other parts of the City) and so many people who are breeding dogs for extra money and have no idea how to care for them and end up selling them to ignorant people who have no idea how to care for them. It is such a problem over here. Animal Control is overwhelmed and requires much more funding, the PD doesn't want to deal with it -- PD Officers don't like to deal with the "petty" stuff, plus the Officers "don't know of City Ordinances." Blah Blah Blah...our City government is failing us! IMO.

Dear Mayor -

Officer Reyes (#3717) just called me to say that Animal Control is the Department that handles Dog Abuse Laws and the PD has nothing to do with enforcing them.

I don't have time to research the wording of the law, at this moment, but I find this unbelievable. That would mean that "after hours" no one is responsible for enforcing the dog laws which makes the State Law unenforcable since it is only illegal, per the State, to chain your dog AFTER 10pm!!

And we wonder WHY our political systems and laws are so messed up! What did Tip O'Neal say, "All Politics are local!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why is the New Dog Tethering Ordinance Not Being Enforced?

Long history with my neighbor and his dog(s). I used to feed his dog when he was out of town, I used to go over and let our dogs play together until I started asking my neighbor too many questions about repairing his deck so that his dog would not get hung up in the decking with the chain around his neck which prevented him from standing. I would come home, the dog would be squealing and crying due to his chain being caught in decking. It has gotten worse over the past couple of years, now the dog is much older, has lost lots of weight, has hurt hips and leg, probably from getting kicked when roaming the neighborhood during the few moments he has been off the chain. The dog climbs the chain link fence probably to get out of his depressed & lonely environment just about every time his gets loose from his enslavement. Finally, we get a City Ordinance on the books and below is the story what good the law does!

Dear Mayor Moncrief -

Once again, I am asking you (and the Council), as the City's Leader(s), the one(s) responsible for making sure that the laws of this City are enforced, making sure that all of the Departments in our City Government function properly, efficiently and effectively. Yes there are many "Directors, Assistant Directors, Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors, Captains, Lieutenants" and so on, between you and the taxpayers. However, each of you signed up for the responsibility (and the "fringe benefits/perks") of making sure that the laws and/or City Ordinances are upheld and enforced. Last night the following happened:

Police call #F080852048 was called in about 6pm about an unattended dog chained to a stationary object which according to the New Ordinance that many of you and us spent valuable time (taxpayer paid and personal volunteer time!) helping to create and get on the books.

The Ordinance reads as follows:

"That Section 6- 13 “Restraint of Animals” of Chapter 6 of the Code of the City of Fort Worth, Texas, is hereby amended to amend subsection (d) and to add new subsections (e), (f), (g), and (h) to read as follows:

(d) It shall be unlawful for a person to use a chain, rope, tether, leash, cable, or other device to attach a dog to a stationary object or trolley system.

(e) It is an affirmative defense to a violation of subsection (d) that the dog tethering:

(1) is during a lawful animal event, veterinary treatment, grooming, training, or law enforcement activity;

(2) is required to protect the safety or welfare of a person or the dog, and the dog's owner maintains direct physical control of the dog;

(3) occurs in the direct physical control of the owner in a designated City dog park; or

(4) occurs on the owner’s premises and:
a. while the dog is within the owner’s direct physical control; and
b. prevents the dog from advancing to within fifteen (15) feet of the edge of any public street.

2 Police cars come out to the scene - they walk with owner to his backyard where dog is chained. Owner let's dog off chain and they visit about the dog.

3 police officers walk directly over to my house and talk to me. Officer Reyes (#3717) is the Officer who talks most. He says that "the dog had food and water, the dog appears to be in good health." I asked how he arrived at the "good health" statement. Officer Reyes stated, "Well, there were no flies around." I also stated that I made the call because the owner of the dog was in violation of a City Ordinance -- the fact that the dog had food and water was not the issue -- the tethering law says nothing about food and water, that is a separate law -- it is about tethering a dog to a stationary object! HELLO!!

Long story short, once again, the Police Officers in this City, time and time again on a variety of subjects, have no idea what the City Ordinances are, how they are to be enforced, what they mean, why they are created, etc. The owner of this dog was not given a written ticket. Why? The owner of this dog was not given any time frame inwhich to provide a proper safe, contained environment for his dog. Why? The owner of the dog was not asked to show proof of any shot records for his dog. Why?

"(g) A person commits an offense if the person fails to comply with this Section.

(1) An offense under this Section is a Class C misdemeanor. If a person fails to comply with this section with respect to more than one dog, the person's conduct with respect to each dog constitutes a separate offense.

(2) An offense under this Section is punishable by a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000.00)."

Before leaving the other Officer, (Hines) asked why I didn't call 5 days ago if I noticed dog on chain then. What difference did it make, I called now and the Officers still didn't do their job. However, I learned that Officer Hines was trying to make a point that this was a "person conflict" between me and my neighbor and therefore the Officers were "off the hook" for not doing their job. Yes, it is a conflict over the proper and lawful care of a dog which this City, supposedly, is taking care of by creating laws and making sure that the laws are enforced.

This a matter of abuse of a dog and my quality of life. This dog has been on a chain its' entire life and I can't enjoy my backyard due to this poor abused, flea infested, malnourished chained dog crying because his owner won't come outside and let him off the chain and show him some love! It is more than sickening, disgusting, bothering and abusive. It is inhumane and cruel!

Furthermore, if my neighbor would have harmed or killed me last night after the police left, I can assure you that I, or my family, would be filing a lawsuit against the City of Ft. Worth for allowing our Police Officers to expose the identity of the complainant to the offender before a suit has been filed. This also has happened time and time again in various situations in dealing with Class C Offenders at my business and now at my home.

Again, last night I got to witness and experience a complete waste of tax dollars being spent in the City of Fort Worth! As I have said before, this City definitely needs a new Police Chief, one that knows how to maintain an effective force all the way down through the enforcement of Class C Misdemeanor Offenses. Do we also need a New Mayor and new slate of City Council Members before this City will run efficiently, effectively and progressively?

Seriously. What I see time and time again is absolutely ridiculous, out of control, irresponsible, waste of tax dollars in our City Government on a variety of issues.

Disappointed with All Involved,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

East Lancaster between downtown and Beach Street

Quite a few vacant buildings over here. A few acres for sale here and there. A few nasty hotels/motels that need demolishing, beautiful State Highway (E. Lancaster), gorgeous median, lots of potential. Great view of and proximity to downtown Ft. Worth. Restaurants, bars, Starbucks, condos, lofts, mixed uses desperately needed over here. Great buys on buildings. Help!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

East Fort Worth

It is so different from West, Downtown, South, Southeast, Southwest, Fort Worth. We have almost NO restaurants, NO safe bars, alot of Class C Misdemeanor offenses committed, alot of trash..... literally. What is up with East Fort Worth? Why don't we have places where we can spend money? Is it just me? Right now (City Cable Channel) there is a guy speaking to City Council from Mt. Herman Baptist Church about not having alcohol sales in zip 76105. The alcohol Sales in these "down" parts of our neighborhoods, is really a detriment to our neighorhoods. Alcohol/Liquor Sales in our neighborhoods aren't a good thing. I think Councilmember Kathleen Hicks has come up with a number of 90 beer stores in a 2 mile radius!! And there is mention of the infant mortality rate being as high as 3rd world countries in certain zip codes of East Ft. Worth. OK.....what is this saying????

"Upright, Grand and All Right" Starbucks jazz piano cd

It's great. I love it. I tend to end up buying quite-a-few Starbucks cd's. Most are really great -- including this one!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another opinion that involves..."slavery."

I came across this guy's comments and I'm glad to know that there's yet another person in the universe that see's what I, and many others see, in Obama. This is reassuring in that, there are like minds out there. Like minds as well as "nonlike minds" much of the time, make for great conversations and friendships, togetherness and all that warm fuzzy stuff. BTW, I have a quote by Budda/Dhammapada on my refridgerator that reads: "Togetherness arises out of separteness, begin with separateness. In this way there can be both togetherness and separateness."

OKAY, back to this guy's comments that I agree with,

"I read the speech that Barack Obama and I must say I found it shocking, provocative and disturbing. Obama admits that there are strongly and widely held, anti-white, anti-establishment views in the Black community. He makes no apology for them; indeed he seems to credit their source as having been born in our imperfect Constitution and a product of a society that imposed slavery and Jim Crow on the people for years. Never does he suggest that perhaps it is time for the madness to end, that the Black community must turn the page. Instead he suggests that he must come to the larger society and heal it of its racist beliefs and tendencies. In his cool, egomaniacal way he declaims that he himself embodies the healing that is necessary. Should he not be working, agitating even, within his own community, starting in his Church, to end such divisiveness? Or is he simply the emissary, a Trojan Horse , sent to educate and heal non-black America? Either way it's not for me."
Pete Kent, Union, KY USA

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanna volunteer at Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival?

click here and you're in

Obama "Passing the Buck" not very "wise"

However, guess we'll see if the majority of Americans agree with me when the next primaries come up for grabs. Perhaps it's just a small handfull of us that percieve Obama the way this article explains his rhetoric of his "major speech" yesterday. A side note that this article doesn't go into was that Obama choose to exploit his "White Grandmother" which I found to be his way of telling his Black supporters to keep up the good fight and excuses that racism is the cause of the ills in Black America and, yes, there is still hell to pay by the White people for slavery and racism in America.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ft. Worth Zoo's CEO getting a bit testy. Why?

I received a National Action Alert about the elephants dying at the Ft. Worth Zoo, asking us to write a letter regarding the Elephant Breeding Program at the Ft. Worth Zoo. The correspondence below. Big shots at the top of organizations who respond to their customers and City taxpayers in the way that this guys does, really bothers me which is why I do not work for them in "Corporate America" anymore, nor will I support them or their organizations in my life now when I find out that they are snippy, and defensive like Mr. Fouraker is in the responses below. Plus "I" did not accuse him of anything, my first email was "asking" if the statements were true. Defensiveness is always a red flag to me in dealing with people not wanting to answer questions about their practices. BTW, did you know that "The City of Fort Worth taxpayers subsidize 15 percent of the Zoo's operating budget?" (Source: Our Zoo Our Challenge Annual Fund Campaign) I'll get back to this later.

Dear Mr. Fouraker, Executive Director of Ft. Worth Zoo , It is my understanding that there was tragedy on January 24 at the Ft. Worth zoo with the death of the Asian elephant Babe and her calf while Babe was attempting to give birth. This is the latest example of the suffering incurred as part of the Fort Worth Zoo's failed elephant-breeding program. Babe had previously had three unsuccessful pregnancies, including the birth of a still-born calf. In 2003, the elephant Rasha gave birth prematurely to a calf who subsequently had to be euthanized. Another elephant lost three calves in six years. Is the above statement true and if so, why are you continuing this program? Will you consider putting the welfare of the zoo's elephants above money by permanently closing the elephant exhibit and sending the zoo's elephants to a sanctuary where they would have hundreds of acres of natural habitat to roam, ponds to bathe in, fresh vegetation and foraging opportunities, and the company of many other elephants? 14 zoos in the U.S. have closed or plan to close their elephant exhibits—citing an inability to provide proper care— Fort Worth should join this progressive trend. I placed a call to your office early this morning, was told you were in a staff meeting and would return my call. I just placed another call (3:30pm) to your office and was told you were off of zoo property. I would really appreciate you providing answers to my questions above ASAP.

A very concerned Fort Worth taxpayer.

Ms. Watkins, No, despite what you are being led to believe by the animal rights group that has given you this information, the below paragraph is not true. The issue we focus on is the survival of elephants globally, not money, and the Fort Worth Zoological Association is a proud leader of these efforts. You are being misled as to a trend of Zoos and elephants. Many of the zoos that are not housing elephants today have sent their elephants to facilities such as ours to develop breeding herds to ensure that elephants have a future on this planet. Yes the Fort Worth Zoo did suffer a tragic loss of one of our most treasured creatures. Unfortunately, animal rights groups like the one you have received information from, are encouraging animal lovers such as yourself to confront the zoo with this inaccurate information. We cannot respond to everyone who calls falsely making accusations. We appreciate your concern for elephants. If you would like to do something to save elephants worldwide, go to and consider a contribution that will benefit their welfare for generations to come.

Michael Fouraker

Executive DirectorFort Worth Zoological Association

President International Elephant Foundation

Mr. Fouraker - Thank you for your reply. The tragic loss of Babe saddens me greatly. There were no answers to the following accusations:

1. Babe had previously had three unsuccessful pregnancies, including the birth of a still-born calf.

2. In 2003, the elephant Rasha gave birth prematurely to a calf who subsequently had to be euthanized.

3. Another elephant lost three calves in six years. Are these 3 accusations true? Also, have there been any successful pregnancies and births with your elephant breeding program? Thank you in advance.

Ms. Watkins,

I politely attempted to answer your false accusations yesterday. To be specific to your questions below, 1) yes, the Star Telegram reported this information accurately. 2) No, Rasha has never had a calf that was euthanized, her calf is Bluebonnet and you may visit her at the Zoo. 3) No, this statement has no accuracies to it at all. I hope this answers your questions as I do not intend to discuss these false allegations any further.

M. Fouraker

Mr. Fouraker -

Yesterday you succeeded in "politely" answering one of the accusations made on your elephant breeding program. Today you answered the other three. I appreciate your time, as do others. Sounds like this was an inconvenience for you. It always amazes me when persons of authority, especially "Executives" don't want to really invest much time in answering direct questions and/or get a bit "testy" when those questions concern their organizational practices. Hopefully the few minutes that you spent in answering these disturbing accusations hasn't disrupted any operations of the Zoo. I will remember your comments and attitude in my conversations about the Ft. Worth Zoo from this day forward as I feel that being you are the "Executive Director of the Fort Worth Zoo," you should be more than willing and happy to put to rest false accusations regardless of the minutes that it takes of your precious time. It's part of your job as Executive Director!

Not so respectfully,


I am so sorry for taking so long to respond to your email. Thanks very much for continuing to correspond with Mr. Fouraker and for forwarding this response to us.

I am stunned that he is denying that in 2003, Rasha had a calf who was born prematurely and subsequently euthanized. Please see the article I copied below titled “Premature elephant calf is euthanized.” Mr. Fouraker was director of the zoo at that time so it’s hard to believe that he could have forgotten that tragic event.

Re: the elephant who lost three calves in six years. PETA got this information from

Lisa Wathne Captive Exotic Animal Specialist

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Posted on Tue, Sep. 23, 2003
Premature elephant calf is euthanized By Chris Vaughn Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH - All seemed to be going well with Rasha's much-ballyhooed pregnancy, virtually a repeat of five years ago when she gave birth to Bluebonnet.
But Rasha, a 30-year-old Asian elephant at the Fort Worth Zoo, went into labor Friday morning, 16 months into her pregnancy and six months before her due date.
Rasha's calf, which received round-the-clock care in a makeshift ICU this weekend, was euthanized Sunday evening by veterinarians who decided that she could not survive.
"As a group of veterinarians, we were confident in our medical decision," said Nancy Lung, the zoo's chief veterinarian. "For all the other reasons, it made it difficult to euthanize. It's easy to get attached very quickly."
The death of the calf, the second failed pregnancy of an Asian elephant at the zoo in the last 18 months, again highlighted the difficulties of breeding in captivity. Babe, one of the zoo's four adult cows, gave birth to a stillborn calf in March 2002.
No Asian elephants were born in 2002 or have been born this year at institutions accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, a birth rate so slow that it threatens the viability of the species in captivity, according to zoo experts.
Robert Wiese, director of animal collections, estimated that if the birth rate continues, there will be only 13 female elephants in U.S. zoos in 50 years. Breeding success among African elephants is even lower.
"Thirty years ago, if we needed more elephants we just went to India and got them," said Ron Surratt, mammal curator at the zoo. "We don't like to do that anymore. We're trying to be self-sustaining."
Some animal groups oppose elephant breeding programs, but Fort Worth Zoo Director Michael Fouraker, who is a leader in the International Elephant Foundation, said that the zoo's efforts will continue.
"The Fort Worth Zoo has had Asian elephants for over 70 years. We've been breeding for only eight years," Fouraker said. "So we're not discouraged."
Despite the problems this weekend, Rasha is fine and out on exhibit, showing no signs of physical or maternal separation problems, Surratt and Lung said.
Rasha's keepers had detected falling progesterone levels about a week ago, a sign that labor is imminent. Because her body did the same with Bluebonnet, it wasn't expected to be a problem.
But Rasha surprised everyone by delivering her calf Friday morning. Even more surprising, the calf was alive.
"We couldn't believe when we saw her blink," Lung said.
The calf weighed 150 pounds, 100 pounds lighter than a full-term calf, and it was apparent that her organs, immune system and bones weren't fully developed. The human equivalent would be a baby born at 28-29 weeks.
Lung and the zoo's two other veterinarians consulted with doctors at Texas A&M University and brought in a prominent neonatal equine expert, Pamela Wilkins from the University of Pennsylvania.
Never had any zoo had a chance to save a 6-month premature elephant calf. But the problems were too many, Wilkins said.
"She responded to our treatments for individual problems," Wilkins said. "But her prematurity and the infection and the other problems collectively became a much bigger issue than any of the problems were individually."
Samples of her tissues and organs that were collected from a necropsy will be sent to researchers around the nation. Lung said her staff hopes, through tests on Rasha's placenta, to determine what triggered the early labor.
"We need to because we would like to breed her again," she said. "We may be able to prevent it next time."
Chris Vaughn, (817) 390-7547

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beyond Race and Gender - Some of us haven't made the turn

Today I was blogging on one of the the great local blogsites under the Post "Ft. Worth.....not so progressive." There was a great discussion going on about race, gender and bigotry being intertwined in this Presidential election, etc. When I got home I had an email from one of the North Dallas local Democratic organizers which included the email below:

If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I truly believe that the minority people will not vote in the election. And without them Cain will win and we will all go down. He is Bush on crack. I am sorry but I am going with Obama because I cannot let that happen. I am a black women and I know my people. If they don't get what they want they will boycott the election and that scares the life out of me. It is not about the issues it is about the person and we need a Democrat in the office. I am sorry but I am going Obama, I want my children to have a good and happy life. God Bless America, Carla Clark

The last time that I referenced "your people" when talking to a Black person, they got defensive and asked me something about it, I forgot exactly what they asked, but the point is that many Black people are still behind the "turn" of being able to look beyond race in dealing with white & black America. So are many Whites. My point again, that racism is not just a "White thing," it cuts both ways forward and reverse and it is intertwined in all of our everyday lives and politics and every level by BOTH races.

Someone explained it to me today that made perfect sense. This White lady stated that the problem she has with Obama is that he rides on this notion of "America is not a divided Country, we are the United States not the Divided States, etc." However, he called for the Blacks to get "Cousin Pookie and Cousin Ray Ray off the couch and vote for him." I asked what was wrong with that -- if I was Obama and I thought I had a vision for making America better for them and could help their lives if they voted for me, I'd ask the same. This Lady said, "Yes, but Obama isn't holding Cousin Pookie and Cousin Ray Ray accountable at all and saying "We need to do better Cuz, get off the couch........" He isn't encouraging "his people" to do better like for instance Bill Cosby does. This lady said if a Black Man was running that put truth where it belongs that she would like him much better and be happy to vote for him, but it's Obama's backdoor, sly salesman type, entitlement style that makes her turn the other way.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton - The Great Comeback Story

Will this be the headlines come Wednesday, March 5th? What an amazing time to be a political junkie in the Red State of Texas!! Never before did I even know that we caucused here in Texas and I've lived in this state all my life!! Never have I caucused. I only remember one time in my life that Presidential candidates even came to this State during their campaigns. I remember standing on a street in Beaumont, Texas to watch who I think was Nixon go by in a motorcade. Obviously, I am a Hillary Clinton supporter (ever since Edwards dropped out) and my hopes are that tonight we get to watch The Comeback Story develop. Being outspent something like 8:1, having the media against you until about one week ago, and being able to even come close to victory after the enormous butt kickings Hillary Clinton received in the last 11 primaries, this will truly be a night of celebration if she even comes close to winning Texas & Ohio, tightens the margin in Vermont and takes Rhode Island. I say she's in it to win it at that point! I predict that Clinton got the weekend bump and will take Texas & Ohio, tighten the margin in Vermont and take Rhode Island. Yes, I will be celebrating tonight.