Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama "Passing the Buck" not very "wise"

However, guess we'll see if the majority of Americans agree with me when the next primaries come up for grabs. Perhaps it's just a small handfull of us that percieve Obama the way this article explains his rhetoric of his "major speech" yesterday. A side note that this article doesn't go into was that Obama choose to exploit his "White Grandmother" which I found to be his way of telling his Black supporters to keep up the good fight and excuses that racism is the cause of the ills in Black America and, yes, there is still hell to pay by the White people for slavery and racism in America.


Pete Wann said...

Now I get it. You're really an ultraconservative who's just looking to repost any kind of hate you can in favor of Clinton, who will lose to McCain.

Did you actually read the speech, Suzette?

The majority of Americans who actually read the speech and don't just hear the BS ways that Fox News and IBD are choosing to interpret it will not agree with you.

Your gross misinterpretation of his meaning in the passage about his grandmother is astonishing. No, flabbergasting. No, something stronger than both of those things, but I can't think of the word right now. Maybe there isn't one.

How is mentioning that even his Grandmother, who HAS A BLACK GRANDSON, wasn't above her own racial prejudices exploiting her?

I don't expect you to respond. You're too busy trying to find things to hate about people than common ground or things upon which they can agree.

One question, though: If Clinton does get the nomination and chooses Obama as her running mate, will you still vote for her, since you HATE him SO MUCH?

Suzette said...

Pete - I think your use of "hate" is a little overboard. I simply don't "like" the guy and hope that he doesn't get the nomination. "Hate" isn't what I feel towards Obama. It's sort of like a hiring process....some applicants, you just don't get a "good feeling" about and Obama is one of those for me personally. Regarding Obama's "major speech" I did read the entire speech as I was not able to view it live. To answer your question, if Clinton gets the nomination, I will vote for her regardless of who she chooses as a her VP. I hope it's not Obama, but I will understand and respect her decision if she chooses him. Thanks for reading.