Friday, March 28, 2008

Fort Worth Police Department says enforcing Dog Laws aren't their responsibility

The day after the incident posted below about the Police being called out for the new City Ordinance that states you can't chain a dog to a stationary object, Officer Reyes called me to say that the Police Department is not responsible for enforcing the Dog Laws. It really amazes me that our Politicians create laws and Ordinances (Federal/State & Local) and have no idea nor concern about how, if, and by whom they will be enforced. It creates such many "hot potatoes" in our government and more importantly, so many of our hard earned tax dollars wasted on undoing, redoing and back peddling by our local & State politicians! Why don't they "think" about something thoroughly before signing off on it and commnunicate more with each other (State/City) so that what they do actually serves the people instead of the opposite. It is so disgusting! It still amazes me that Fort Worth politicians don't see the advantage in requiring that all dogs be spayed and neutered at 4 months of age unless the owner has breeding permit and has been thru some education classes. This would save so much money for the City and so many dogs from neglect and abuse. There are so many stray dogs in East Ft. Worth (don't know about the other parts of the City) and so many people who are breeding dogs for extra money and have no idea how to care for them and end up selling them to ignorant people who have no idea how to care for them. It is such a problem over here. Animal Control is overwhelmed and requires much more funding, the PD doesn't want to deal with it -- PD Officers don't like to deal with the "petty" stuff, plus the Officers "don't know of City Ordinances." Blah Blah Blah...our City government is failing us! IMO.

Dear Mayor -

Officer Reyes (#3717) just called me to say that Animal Control is the Department that handles Dog Abuse Laws and the PD has nothing to do with enforcing them.

I don't have time to research the wording of the law, at this moment, but I find this unbelievable. That would mean that "after hours" no one is responsible for enforcing the dog laws which makes the State Law unenforcable since it is only illegal, per the State, to chain your dog AFTER 10pm!!

And we wonder WHY our political systems and laws are so messed up! What did Tip O'Neal say, "All Politics are local!"

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