Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another opinion that involves..."slavery."

I came across this guy's comments and I'm glad to know that there's yet another person in the universe that see's what I, and many others see, in Obama. This is reassuring in that, there are like minds out there. Like minds as well as "nonlike minds" much of the time, make for great conversations and friendships, togetherness and all that warm fuzzy stuff. BTW, I have a quote by Budda/Dhammapada on my refridgerator that reads: "Togetherness arises out of separteness, begin with separateness. In this way there can be both togetherness and separateness."

OKAY, back to this guy's comments that I agree with,

"I read the speech that Barack Obama and I must say I found it shocking, provocative and disturbing. Obama admits that there are strongly and widely held, anti-white, anti-establishment views in the Black community. He makes no apology for them; indeed he seems to credit their source as having been born in our imperfect Constitution and a product of a society that imposed slavery and Jim Crow on the people for years. Never does he suggest that perhaps it is time for the madness to end, that the Black community must turn the page. Instead he suggests that he must come to the larger society and heal it of its racist beliefs and tendencies. In his cool, egomaniacal way he declaims that he himself embodies the healing that is necessary. Should he not be working, agitating even, within his own community, starting in his Church, to end such divisiveness? Or is he simply the emissary, a Trojan Horse , sent to educate and heal non-black America? Either way it's not for me."
Pete Kent, Union, KY USA

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