Monday, March 31, 2008

Should I, or Should I not?

So I get this gas drilling contract in the mail from XTO Energy. I don't even know if I own my mineral rights because it just hasn't been something I've made time "to do." I've been sort of sickened by all the gas drilling stuff due to much, if not 99% percent, of the hard work that Don Young and TXSharon and do on the topic for us! However, if I don't sign, they still drill ; that is a fact. On the other hand, if I do sign I get $5K that I could really use about now. If my little "not signing" would make a difference, then I would not sign; the truth will make no difference.

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Don Young said...

There are many good reasons to not sign. Principle is as good as any. Concern that they will take your gas anyway, with or without your permission, may soon be settled in court. A current case before has the potential to be a nuutron bomb in the Barnett Shale. I'm not holding my breath, but this is Texas and we do protect property rights. Right? Subsurface or surface, I own mine and I'm not ready to sell. Read more about this case, here: