Sunday, June 27, 2010

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) grows by leaps & bounds with Chapters all over the State, newest Ft. Worth

THLN is the voice at the Texas Legislature for untold numbers of animals throughout Texas who suffer horrific abuse and tragic neglect at the hands of callous humans. If you agree that animals deserve compassion and their abusers deserve punishment, we invite you to answer the call to justice by joining Texas Humane Legislation Network.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Knock, knock....who's there -- America 2010, Land of Foolish Enablers

Knock knock, who's there? Your neighbor. I want to let you know that I know nothing about the value of personal responsibility; therefore, -- I want, and expect you, the taxpayer, to pay for my baby's prenatal care, birthing and any medical care my baby may need, cause I don't want to use a condom when me and the 16 year old girl down the street have sex. Also, since I don't wanna work -- I want, and expect you, the taxpayer, to pay for me to eat, drink and be a little merry throughout the day, each day. Also, I want a house -- I want, and expect you, the taxpayer, to contribute to my down payment. Oh, and, I don't really want to invest the time & effort into my children's education, schooling, emotional health or life and I don't really care what damage this envokes on their future -- I want, and expect you, the taxpayer, to pay for the detention, social services, counseling, rehabilitation, support, detox support, prison, food, care & clothing that my child will most likely need throughout his/her entire life. Another thing, I want a dog but can't afford it -- I want, and expect you, the taxpayer, to pay for all of my expenses related to the dog.
And the people say.....OK, we'll do.

This is America 2010! The land of foolish enablers. We need to desert this plan, and turn all of the social services business and hand outs, over to charity and take it away from our elected officials, they are abusing their powers and working against, not for, the taxpayers who supply their dollars to spend.

This is one way we should be solving the growing problem of dog overpopulation and rising taxpayer expense of Animal Control Services

"The program partners with schools, juvenile detention facilities, community centers, community based organizations......" not to mention the benefit to our youth, communities and society.