Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ft. Worth City Politics affecting Animal Welfare

Most animal control calls/concerns/problems/issues come from the same zip codes with greatest release of x-cons, heaviest crime, poorest residents, and the most populated areas of black & brown residents. Those are statistical facts. So, when Animal Control enforces the animal laws in the those areas and the City Council Reps., who represent those areas, holler racism or 'you're picking on my people,' or 'you're picking on the poor,' or any of that nonsense, it is the job of a leader to stay the course and address the facts. Funny how those City Council Reps don't have a problem looking at the factual stats when there's a chance of them getting taxpayer money such as with home foreclosures and such, but boy, let it be something that is sucking money from our pockets and they want to turn a deaf ear and blind eye. HA! Time for some real change in Ft. Worth!! I hope it comes soon.