Sunday, December 30, 2007

Practicing What I Preach -- difficult task.

Working with "homeless" individuals is tuff! When you are counting on them to "be there"..."show up" for work and they pull one of those......"no shows," it's tuff to run a business on that in-dependability. "Helping" the homeless is an extremely "trying" experience due to the simple fact that these individuals require so many second chances and only respond to really really tuff love. (Which I happen to be good at providing.) It's close to impossible to deal with them on any type of "reasoning" level for any length of time due to the fact that they will "choose" to "be good" and work for a bit, then slip into their self medicating ways of drugs/alcohol and expect you to not be aware of that fact. It's all about them. They don't see it any other way. However, working with them teaches one to accept the fact that "things don't always turn out as planned" so it's a constant situation of both parties switching from teacher to student and being able to work together accordingly. When you are a really small business and every labor hour counts, during peak busy periods every working able body counts, it greatly affects the scheduling of personnel and work load of those that do show up when someone chooses to stay drunk for several days instead of showing up for work.
Oh well, we live and we learn (some of us), so I'm learning to hope for the best and plan for the worst as far as providing a job for some of the very capable homeless individuals. And there more of them than you know living tax free, bill free, responsibility free, accountability free, on the streets of EAST Fort Worth.

Happy New Year Readers! CHEERS to 2008!! Run John Run!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fort Worth enforcing the "money making laws."

Funny how it appears that the laws that are most enforced are only those that bring money to the City; what about all of the Class C Misdemeanors committed by "indigent" individuals? Why do they get off scott free? Why isn't the enhancement arm of those laws enforced? This is discriminatory to those of us who have pocket change or more! When you really think about it, it's against the constitution to protect people (a segment of society) from the law. That is exactly what the City of Fort Worth is doing and perhaps the State of Texas. Why does claiming indigency protect one from the law? It doesn't make sense. The only sense I can make of it is that the City doesn't want to "invest" in the rehabilitation of people who claim (and may be) indigency. It cost too much, it's too complicated, and "it's too much of a liability" for the City of Fort Worth to deal with it. You always hear people say, "We can't arrest our way out of indigency (homelessness)." Why doesn't the City of Fort Worth use that same reasoning with people who drive above the speed limit (speeding tickets) and/or drunk drivers? Have we arrested/ticketed our way out of speeding drivers or drunk drivers? NO! Why protect the indigent (homeless) segment of our society from the laws? The law is the law. If you litter, you are breaking a law. If you panhandle at one of the 30 or so "protected intersections" of Fort Worth, you are breaking a law. If you are cruel to your dog, you are breaking a law. If you don't vaccinate your dog, you are breaking a law. If you don't feed your dog, you are breaking the law. If you are publically intoxicated, you are breaking a law. If you sell beer/alcohol to a habitual drunkard, you are breaking the law. If you are drinking beer within 1000 feet of a homeless shelter, you are breaking the law. If you criminally trespass, you are breaking the law. If you urinate in public, you are breaking the law. Why aren't any of these laws and the enhancement thereof enforced in the City of Fort Worth? Who's in control of this? The Mayor? The District Attorney? The City Council? The City Attorney's office? Oh yhea, and what about the attitude of at least ONE OF OUR CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS of "well, if we enforce the laws on the homeless then we are harrassing them and "criminalizing homelessness"! PUH-LEEZE!! Give me a break!! "WE" are being discriminated against, harrassed and criminalized because "we" have some pocket change to pay our tickets!! That's wrong and unlawful! The homeless (indigent) are protected from laws and we tax paying citizens are not. That's unconstitutional!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto: Why I'm Returning To Pakistan

Bhutto Blog on The Huffington Post about returning to Pakistan. This lady was the epitome of genuine, caring, courageous leadership. What a loss for all of us!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Defining "Mental Illness"

"Most of the homeless are 'mentally ill'," it's heard all the time. What does it mean? So many different levels of "mental illness." In regards to homelessness, should it matter if your brain is pickled because of a life of drug/alcohol abuse, or if it has been with you since birth? Yes, I say, it matters. BECAUSE, if you are a pickled brain, then you HAD a choice whereas the mentally ill, AT BIRTH, there was/is no choice. Beginning of story.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Help for the mentally ill.....comes knocking.

MHMR will come to your door and hopefully our businesses, homeless camps, etc. to provide much needed services for mentally ill individuals. This will be a very interesting program to watch and see if it does the job of truly helping the mentally ill here in Tarrant County, Texas. The problem is, if they take you to hospital AND you get admitted, one can only stay 3 days and then you are the streets once again, so it's a vicious cycle. I'll think positive and hope that MHMR provides some services to our mentally ill population.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cold, Wet & Chained In the Rain!

How can anyone dispute that leaving a dog in the cold rain with no shelter (which is against the law) is cruel? This picture was taken on S. Riverside close to Vickery. Council District 8.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

GO CLINTON GO! Congratulations!

Not that I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I personally would like to see Edwards as the President. However, this endorsement is an honor for Senator Clinton. it.. is.. Good for her.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congressman Michael Burgess promoting the Status Quo

It's legislators like Burgess that need to be voted out of office. Below is his reply to my letter to him sent via NORML (Nat'l Org. for Reformation of Marijuana Laws) organization requesting de-criminalizing marijuana:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your views on the legalization of marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.
The United States is fighting a costly war against drugs-in terms of dollars and lives that are irrevocably changed by this modern day scourge. Any legalization of substances such as marijuana will undermine the ongoing efforts by the drug enforcement community to curb this epidemic that has consumed so many Americans. Marijuana is a controlled substance and legalizing or relaxing criminal penalties will only open the doors for further illegal activities.
I will continue to support efforts on the part of the federal government to interdict drug shipments into the United States, pursue individuals that violate U.S. drug laws, provide adequate treatment to individuals addicted to drugs, and support public education campaigns that warn against the perils of illegal drug use. The federal, state, and local governments must work together on all these fronts to slow the flow of drugs into the U.S. and to lower the demand in this country for illegal substances.
Again, thank you for taking time to contact me. I appreciate having the opportunity to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please feel free to visit my website ( or contact me with any future concerns. Sincerely,Michael C. Burgess, M.D.Member of Congress

PUH-LEEZE! In 1970 Congress put Marijuana on the "Schedule 1" of the controlled substance list for one year, UNTIL the Nat'l Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse could study and decide where Marijuana should be classified. The Commisssion came back one year later and said that marijuana should be de-criminalized. Needless to say, marijuana is still sitting on Schedule 1.

Burgess is completely out of touch with the people, with society, with poverty, with root causes of homelessness, and most importantly with the "War on Drugs" in this Country!! Hello, the war on drugs is NOT working.

Here is the recommendation:

Thanks for reading.

Local Blog Sites I visit daily

The sites are so great. I would encourage any and everyone to visit them often.

Art makes a great gift - support local photographer

Go to click on "blog", scroll down until you see the green ad to pick your favorite photo (and there are some excellent shots - especially downtown Fort Worth!). Prices start at $26. Beautiful photos! I love to peruse his's grand!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Panhandling freedom of speech or private use of public land?

Judge says it's a breach of the 1st Amendment Freedom of speech, I say it's private use of OUR TAXPAID public land. Get a job, get in rehab, get in one of the millions of programs that WE TAXPAYERS pay for, to "help" you get your life clean and productive, or go sit in jail where you will have to attend self help, esteem building classes. Can I go open a business on public land? No, not without following hundres of rules and paying hundreds in permits, taxes, etc. Why can the homeless? That's discriminatory to me!! Do we prosecute Class C Misdemeanors such as panhandling? Not in Fort Worth because "these individuals are not here by choice" (says the Mayor) and it is too much of a liability for the City to place these indigent individuals in our Community Service programs. Therefore give them a free ticket out of jail, we allow them to camp, panhandle, litter, destroy our beautiful lands, conduct drug deals, prostitute their bodies, run their criminal enterprises on our street corners and under our bridges in hopes that they will go away some day. But if they stick around our City, we plan to build them some housing and "wrap" more services around them which will solve our problem here in Fort Worth. We believe here in Cowtown that the "root" cause of homelessness is "lack of affordable housing." We don't focus on jobs, treatment centers, a different approach to prosecuting drug possession offenders because that's too complicated, requires some critical thinking abilities, too costly and takes too much work, and the positive outcomes are too far down the road for us. We want instant gratification at the least expensive costs. Therefore we plan to spend millions on housing in hopes that all the homeless addicts and people with no self respect or esteem will come running into our homes that we build for them and stay hidden inside, then we can all beat our chests and say, "Look, our homeless problem is solved. They are all off the streets and hidden from public view." Didn't we do good?
No, you did not do good. Until you ADDRESS the lack of jobs for people who have a criminal records, until you address irresponsible parenting, until you address the problem with people not thinking they have something to offer their community, until you address the lack of a place for the mentally ill to go, you are WASTING our tax dollars and year after year you will have to build more and more and more housing, services, etc. because you will be ENABLING and ENCOURAGING the homeless population to turn to the taxpayers to support their addictions, mental health, food, clothing, and lifestyles. These are "root" causes of homelessness NOT "affordable housing," that's NOT a "root" cause of homelessness. However, you are doing a great job of "selling" this idea and fooling millions of Americans and politicians. Very sad and extremely costly now, and will continue to be each coming year until you figure out the definition of "root." Hint: "root" is basic cause, source, origin (Oxford Dictionary). HELLO... let's talk on an educated level here.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fort Worth Getting Long Awaited, NEEDED Spay/Neuter Clinic

FINALLY we are getting a spay/neuter clinic. The papers are "in routing" which means with a few more signatures, the clinic will be underway. The clinic will be an addition onto the City's Animal Control Shelter on Martin Street. TODAY, no pets are spayed or neutered before leaving the City's shelter which is insane!!! Unlike the Humane Society of North Texas on E. Lancaster (a non-profit entity, has nothing to do with funding from the City, County or State). In order to adopt a pet from HSNT ( )it must be spayed or neutered with the exception of taking a puppy that is too young for such surgery.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fort Worth's land, roads & environment taking a hit?

The Gas Drilling Companies only see dollar signs. Is that true of our local government as well?

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Cruelty to Dogs Happens in Fort Worth

Don't turn a blind eye to dog Animal Control at 817-392-3737. Plug this number into your cell phone and call, punch #3 when you hear the recording and leave a message for an officer. You will need the location address. The City can turn a blind eye UNLESS the calls are made to support the statistics.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

East Lancaster Just Outside of Downtown

People who have lived in this neighborhood since childhood will tell you that this street and neighborhood used to be beautiful. One lady told me she used to ride her bicycle from View Street (West Meadowbrook Neighborhood) down E. Lancaster to Cobb Park! WOW!! This used to be brick corridor and have large beautiful homes along the street. WOW, what a difference a generation or so makes!! Again, so important to pay attention to local politics, be involved, speak up and out, etc. I still think the neighborhood is beautiful with all the trees and it is so very close to downtown, maybe some day, we'll be able to live here and ride our bikes to the Saturday Rahr brewery for free beer tasting on Saturdays, or take a hike thru Tandy Hills Park, or have a local neighborhood restaurant where we could get a nice salad. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Questioning The Reasons

Why is it that some people get really defensive and offended that I would ask questions of why they did or didn't do something? For instance, why has there NOT been an NEZ (Neighborhood Empowerment Zone) created around the Near East Side Urban Village, it's the only Urban Village w/out it's own NEZ? This UV slipped into the Evans/Rosedale NEZ that was put in place for the Evans Village. This leaves the neighborhood around the Near East Side Urban Village (E. Lancaster) unsupported by tax incentives for development. Also, when I last looked on the City's website under UV planning, Near East Side UV is the only Urban Village that does not show the market analysis. Why? Darn, I wanted to see what the analysis revealed.
Oh yhea, and what residents are they referring to when they try and sell us on the fact that there is a significant number of residents at the location presently? Who will help support the UV? The answer to that one was.......(after some stumbling and him hawing around)'s the homeless individuals? What? The homeless individuals are going to support the businesses in the UV? Well, yhea...the non-profits -- I guess they do help keep the money flowing to the non-profits don't they? But what about the pedestrian friendly stuff? What is it going to be and when? I can't wait to see and patronize those businesses.

These are all legitimate questions right? Anything wrong with asking these questions? No, shouldn't be, they sound like good ones to me. However, some people get really bent out of shape when asked these very questions. I think that is interesting. I've always questioned "why" and "whatfors" of the powers. All my life I have done that.
In my life's experience, I have come to the conclusion that the people who get defensive and snippy, and act as if the questioner has committed a crime in asking such, are to be questioned further, more often and watched closely, ESPECIALLY if they have any "power."
The ones that invite questions and freely give explanations are the ones I usually respect. Cheers to all the comfy question answerers. I then know you are secure in your thoughtout decisions or at least able to have a conversation and effectively communicate the topic. Shame on you if you are a public servant and behave in this manner. We tax paying citizens have every RIGHT to ask you about your decisions, plans for our neighborhood, your agenda, why you did what you did, why you didn't do what you didn't do, etc. You are not "above" being questioned by anyone. You "owe" us, you are serving us, the are a public servant. Open, transparent, effective, proactive, accessible government -- that's what we want here in Fort Worth isn't it?

Do you have an ipod? How about an iphone?

I have neither but would love both, especially an iPhone. Well not really, if I couldn't keep my same cell phone number then I wouldn't want to change to an iPhone. And I'd rather have a better camera (one that I could zoom in on and take snap shot of chained/abused dogs living in cruelty around this City so that I could bring this issue closer to the lawmakers and public) rather than an ipod.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Bomb in Fort Worth?

Sounds like Fort Worth may go down in an inferno, but what do we care, some of us are making big bucks and we don't care about the possible "accidents" that may happen. We only care about the money. To hell with Quality of Life, the environment, the possible catastrophic danger, and contaminating Fort Worth's drinking water. We don't care.

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