Thursday, December 6, 2007

East Lancaster Just Outside of Downtown

People who have lived in this neighborhood since childhood will tell you that this street and neighborhood used to be beautiful. One lady told me she used to ride her bicycle from View Street (West Meadowbrook Neighborhood) down E. Lancaster to Cobb Park! WOW!! This used to be brick corridor and have large beautiful homes along the street. WOW, what a difference a generation or so makes!! Again, so important to pay attention to local politics, be involved, speak up and out, etc. I still think the neighborhood is beautiful with all the trees and it is so very close to downtown, maybe some day, we'll be able to live here and ride our bikes to the Saturday Rahr brewery for free beer tasting on Saturdays, or take a hike thru Tandy Hills Park, or have a local neighborhood restaurant where we could get a nice salad. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

We eastsiders might be turning a corner....
(I know this is an older post, but I just recently discovered your site and have been looking around.)
I live in the Meadowbrook area, and would no more consider letting my daughter ride a bike down Lancaster than I would let her ride a bike through Fallujah.
But things are slowly turning a corner. I think with the Trinity River development and some signs of business redevelopment coming from the west, we might live to see a turnaround.
You're 100% right about the political involvement.

-Allen in Fort Worth

Suzette said...

Thanks for reading Allen - WOW, do you really think we Eastsiders are turning a corner? I don't quite see it yet, but I hope you are correct, it would be so nice!! :)