Sunday, December 30, 2007

Practicing What I Preach -- difficult task.

Working with "homeless" individuals is tuff! When you are counting on them to "be there"..."show up" for work and they pull one of those......"no shows," it's tuff to run a business on that in-dependability. "Helping" the homeless is an extremely "trying" experience due to the simple fact that these individuals require so many second chances and only respond to really really tuff love. (Which I happen to be good at providing.) It's close to impossible to deal with them on any type of "reasoning" level for any length of time due to the fact that they will "choose" to "be good" and work for a bit, then slip into their self medicating ways of drugs/alcohol and expect you to not be aware of that fact. It's all about them. They don't see it any other way. However, working with them teaches one to accept the fact that "things don't always turn out as planned" so it's a constant situation of both parties switching from teacher to student and being able to work together accordingly. When you are a really small business and every labor hour counts, during peak busy periods every working able body counts, it greatly affects the scheduling of personnel and work load of those that do show up when someone chooses to stay drunk for several days instead of showing up for work.
Oh well, we live and we learn (some of us), so I'm learning to hope for the best and plan for the worst as far as providing a job for some of the very capable homeless individuals. And there more of them than you know living tax free, bill free, responsibility free, accountability free, on the streets of EAST Fort Worth.

Happy New Year Readers! CHEERS to 2008!! Run John Run!

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