Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congressman Michael Burgess promoting the Status Quo

It's legislators like Burgess that need to be voted out of office. Below is his reply to my letter to him sent via NORML (Nat'l Org. for Reformation of Marijuana Laws) organization requesting de-criminalizing marijuana:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your views on the legalization of marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.
The United States is fighting a costly war against drugs-in terms of dollars and lives that are irrevocably changed by this modern day scourge. Any legalization of substances such as marijuana will undermine the ongoing efforts by the drug enforcement community to curb this epidemic that has consumed so many Americans. Marijuana is a controlled substance and legalizing or relaxing criminal penalties will only open the doors for further illegal activities.
I will continue to support efforts on the part of the federal government to interdict drug shipments into the United States, pursue individuals that violate U.S. drug laws, provide adequate treatment to individuals addicted to drugs, and support public education campaigns that warn against the perils of illegal drug use. The federal, state, and local governments must work together on all these fronts to slow the flow of drugs into the U.S. and to lower the demand in this country for illegal substances.
Again, thank you for taking time to contact me. I appreciate having the opportunity to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please feel free to visit my website ( or contact me with any future concerns. Sincerely,Michael C. Burgess, M.D.Member of Congress

PUH-LEEZE! In 1970 Congress put Marijuana on the "Schedule 1" of the controlled substance list for one year, UNTIL the Nat'l Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse could study and decide where Marijuana should be classified. The Commisssion came back one year later and said that marijuana should be de-criminalized. Needless to say, marijuana is still sitting on Schedule 1.

Burgess is completely out of touch with the people, with society, with poverty, with root causes of homelessness, and most importantly with the "War on Drugs" in this Country!! Hello, the war on drugs is NOT working.

Here is the recommendation:

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