Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Questioning The Reasons

Why is it that some people get really defensive and offended that I would ask questions of why they did or didn't do something? For instance, why has there NOT been an NEZ (Neighborhood Empowerment Zone) created around the Near East Side Urban Village, it's the only Urban Village w/out it's own NEZ? This UV slipped into the Evans/Rosedale NEZ that was put in place for the Evans Village. This leaves the neighborhood around the Near East Side Urban Village (E. Lancaster) unsupported by tax incentives for development. Also, when I last looked on the City's website under UV planning, Near East Side UV is the only Urban Village that does not show the market analysis. Why? Darn, I wanted to see what the analysis revealed.
Oh yhea, and what residents are they referring to when they try and sell us on the fact that there is a significant number of residents at the location presently? Who will help support the UV? The answer to that one was.......(after some stumbling and him hawing around)....it's the homeless individuals? What? The homeless individuals are going to support the businesses in the UV? Well, yhea...the non-profits -- I guess they do help keep the money flowing to the non-profits don't they? But what about the pedestrian friendly stuff? What is it going to be and when? I can't wait to see and patronize those businesses.

These are all legitimate questions right? Anything wrong with asking these questions? No, shouldn't be, they sound like good ones to me. However, some people get really bent out of shape when asked these very questions. I think that is interesting. I've always questioned "why" and "whatfors" of the powers. All my life I have done that.
In my life's experience, I have come to the conclusion that the people who get defensive and snippy, and act as if the questioner has committed a crime in asking such, are to be questioned further, more often and watched closely, ESPECIALLY if they have any "power."
The ones that invite questions and freely give explanations are the ones I usually respect. Cheers to all the comfy question answerers. I then know you are secure in your thoughtout decisions or at least able to have a conversation and effectively communicate the topic. Shame on you if you are a public servant and behave in this manner. We tax paying citizens have every RIGHT to ask you about your decisions, plans for our neighborhood, your agenda, why you did what you did, why you didn't do what you didn't do, etc. You are not "above" being questioned by anyone. You "owe" us, you are serving us, the public...you are a public servant. Open, transparent, effective, proactive, accessible government -- that's what we want here in Fort Worth isn't it?

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