Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Panhandling freedom of speech or private use of public land?

Judge says it's a breach of the 1st Amendment Freedom of speech, I say it's private use of OUR TAXPAID public land. Get a job, get in rehab, get in one of the millions of programs that WE TAXPAYERS pay for, to "help" you get your life clean and productive, or go sit in jail where you will have to attend self help, esteem building classes. Can I go open a business on public land? No, not without following hundres of rules and paying hundreds in permits, taxes, etc. Why can the homeless? That's discriminatory to me!! Do we prosecute Class C Misdemeanors such as panhandling? Not in Fort Worth because "these individuals are not here by choice" (says the Mayor) and it is too much of a liability for the City to place these indigent individuals in our Community Service programs. Therefore give them a free ticket out of jail, we allow them to camp, panhandle, litter, destroy our beautiful lands, conduct drug deals, prostitute their bodies, run their criminal enterprises on our street corners and under our bridges in hopes that they will go away some day. But if they stick around our City, we plan to build them some housing and "wrap" more services around them which will solve our problem here in Fort Worth. We believe here in Cowtown that the "root" cause of homelessness is "lack of affordable housing." We don't focus on jobs, treatment centers, a different approach to prosecuting drug possession offenders because that's too complicated, requires some critical thinking abilities, too costly and takes too much work, and the positive outcomes are too far down the road for us. We want instant gratification at the least expensive costs. Therefore we plan to spend millions on housing in hopes that all the homeless addicts and people with no self respect or esteem will come running into our homes that we build for them and stay hidden inside, then we can all beat our chests and say, "Look, our homeless problem is solved. They are all off the streets and hidden from public view." Didn't we do good?
No, you did not do good. Until you ADDRESS the lack of jobs for people who have a criminal records, until you address irresponsible parenting, until you address the problem with people not thinking they have something to offer their community, until you address the lack of a place for the mentally ill to go, you are WASTING our tax dollars and year after year you will have to build more and more and more housing, services, etc. because you will be ENABLING and ENCOURAGING the homeless population to turn to the taxpayers to support their addictions, mental health, food, clothing, and lifestyles. These are "root" causes of homelessness NOT "affordable housing," that's NOT a "root" cause of homelessness. However, you are doing a great job of "selling" this idea and fooling millions of Americans and politicians. Very sad and extremely costly now, and will continue to be each coming year until you figure out the definition of "root." Hint: "root" is basic cause, source, origin (Oxford Dictionary). HELLO... let's talk on an educated level here.

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