Tuesday, January 1, 2008

OMG, a "Principle" based, no red faced, no backing down guy

What an atypical leader. He's in Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth region? WOW! Good for us! Maybe he'll get us some light rail in here. I'll definitely research his views more and keep up with his tactics. I may learn how to be less red faced more of the time which is on my "to do list" this New Year. A person who stands their ground, doesn't back down and sticks to their principles gets auto respect from me (generally speaking). It's so rare and it is the kind of leadership that helps bring back honesty and more ethical practices in government. The fact that he demanded to pay for his lunch for the reason of: allowing someone to buy you lunch results in them expecting something in return is so very true in my book of theories and is what CREATES this corrupt way of doing business. Alot like a City Council member telling me "I thought we had everything worked out when we went to lunch" (I paid). No!, just because I buy you lunch doesn't mean, I won't call you on your............."wrongdoings!"

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