Saturday, January 26, 2008

Am I a Democrat?

I do believe in the Death Penalty.
I do believe in the choice to abort a fetus w/in the first 4 weeks of conception.
I do believe in debating.
I do believe in public schools.
I do believe in values, morality and honesty.
I do believe in rock-n-roll.
I do believe in gay marriages.
I do believe in the human soul.
I do believe in helping the needy.
I do believe in what's right and what's wrong.
I do believe in consequences of wrongdoing of any kind.
I do believe in the pursuit of happiness for all.
I do believe in Global Warming.
I do believe in Building Green.
I do believe that marijuana should be legal with restrictions much like the drug of alcohol.
I do believe that there is no proof that God exists.

I don't believe in my tax dollars being spend on undocumented immigrants in any way.
I don't believe the "War on Drugs" is working in America.
I don't believe we should have gone to war with Iraq. I knew it at the beginning.
I don't believe in giving handouts to adults (tax "rebates" for people who didn't pay taxes included).
I don't believe in the Texas indigency law.
I don't believe in organized religion.

With all that said, where does this place me on the scale of Democratness?

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Anonymous said...

I am with you in your feelings. I am a yellow dog but this is very hard for me