Tuesday, March 25, 2008

East Lancaster between downtown and Beach Street

Quite a few vacant buildings over here. A few acres for sale here and there. A few nasty hotels/motels that need demolishing, beautiful State Highway (E. Lancaster), gorgeous median, lots of potential. Great view of and proximity to downtown Ft. Worth. Restaurants, bars, Starbucks, condos, lofts, mixed uses desperately needed over here. Great buys on buildings. Help!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

The only thing that will direct businesses and new apartments to our side of town will be tax relief.
No property tax for 10-15 years if you open a business along Lancaster/East Side

-Allen off Meadowbrook

Suzette said...

Yhea Allen, I tend to agree with you. However, I heard someone say that if the demand is there, business will come no matter if there is tax relief or not. I'm undecided on that argument and can see both sides. However, some of us did go to our Council person, Kathleen Hicks, to ask that an NEZ be created for Near Eastside Urban Village and extended to Beach Street from I35 (since there was never one created for that Urban Village) -- the answer was "no, what you need is a TIF. NEZ's don't always revitalize." Funny thing is that Ms. Hicks choose to extend the Oakland Corners NEZ down to Beach Street, which leaves the section of E. Lancaster from Beach to Riverside without any sort of incentive. I guess she thinks that an NEZ would help on the East side of Beach, but not the West side of Beach. So, we are having a meeting with the City Planning Dept. and others to discuss "our/your vision" of this section of E. Lancaster on Tuesday, April 29th 2pm at the Salvation Army on East Lancaster. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there.