Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Murder in West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Today

Shame on the current City Council person (my opponent) for not caring enough about the crime in the neighborhoods of District 8 to do more than dog & pony shows about the safety of District 8. The entire time, 3 years & 7 months that she has sat on the City Council, crime has not gone down in District 8 and District 8 has won the prize for having more total crime than any other Council District in the City of Ft. Worth.

Nor has my opponent pushed for the CFW to take aggressive action on places of business that habor criminals and criminal activity (like the Motel next door to the gas station where this murder took place).

Please bring me garage sale items for my Garage Sale fundraiser by Jan. 23rd and/or come to my $20 fundraiser on Feb. 18th, Rahr Brewery, 701 Galveston Ave. Ft. Worth, Texas and hear my plan for improving the safety & scenery for East Ft. Worth's Council District 8.

More information here: www.meetup.com/suzette-watkins
Campaign website here: http://www.suzetteforcouncil.com/

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I've found a bunch of good stuff for your garage sale!