Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fort Worth Police Officer says, "I don't like your attitude" (because I wouldn't do his job for him). Another Central/West Meadowbrook Crime.

I told him I didn't like his attitude either. Is the police officer (Sargent) that stands on the side lines with his arms folded and doesn't bother to find out if any of us 3-4 people standing at the scene saw or heard anything related to the crime, worth his pay? You don't stand around and watch, you best get to work if I'm paying your salary! Even if you are one of 'Fort Worth's Finest,' you are still a paid employee of the taxpayers and you have a job to do, even if it is on the East side, even if it does involve another domestic violence case, even if it does involve another 4 year old endangered child!
I'll say it again, living on the East side, owning a business on the East side in Council District 8, I see more and hear more about the Fort Worth Police Department than probably any of you reading this blog site. I lay awake at night listening to police helicopters buzzing over my neighborhood more than probably any of you reading this post. Please don't discount my words as me just being negative, or me being a 'bitchy,' or anything but a concerned citizen, resident and business owner in Council District 8, East Fort Worth publishing my personal experiences while watching my neighborhood take a spiraling dive amongst all the beautiful historic houses, hundred year old trees hovering over our streets and backyards, well built houses from the 50's & 60's, and the elderly who have seen this neighborhood in it's best years and who now are being surrounded by criminals, irresponsible parents, people driving/walking the neighborhood eyeing their next target for burglary, high weeds, trash on their lawns from individuals who've been taught nothing about respect and values, streets filled with potholes and patches from the enormous amount of water main breaks, a corrupt City Hall and a career politician as a Council Rep and Neighborhood Associations who turn a blind eye to these truths and scream & holler if someone such as myself points them out. It's really bothering & sad to actually watch; however, I don't feel powerless and I will continue to do what I do.


Adrian said...

You're a fighter, Suzette. If anybody can bring change to the eastside, it is you. I don't need to tell you this, but never give up.


Suzette Watkins said...

Adrian - Thank you for your encouraging and supportive comments. It's always nice to hear other concerned citizens tell me to never give up. I hear that quite often. Yes, I do believe that the Eastside is worth fighting for and will continue to speak up & out for the Eastside and against our corrupt politicians who disrespect and pass out our tax dollars as if they grew on trees.

Anonymous said...

YOU don't PAY his salary so stop acting like you do. Your "I pay taxes erego I pay your salary" attitude is more than ignorant. The officer also pays taxes, so by your logic, he pays himself to go to work everyday. Additionally, what experience do you have in the law enforcement field? I would hazard a guess and say none. You don't know what the Sergeant's (not sargent)duty was at that scene or what he was doing exactly. Become more educated on the standard procedures of policing and the policy of the Fort Worth Police before you criticize an officer for something of which you know little to nothing.

Suzette said...

Anon-You'd be surprised at what I know. Thanks for reading.