Monday, May 11, 2009

Mail in Ballots on the rise. Why?

In East Ft. Worth, they've always been pretty high but now we are seeing them rise in other areas. Why? I think it's because they are easier to obtain (if you have money to send out the applications for such on campaign flyers) than going door to door and selling your candidacy and/or you do it the unethical, illegal way and buy them from voters, which if you have the money is easier than selling your candidacy, especially if you are an incumbent that isn't all that popular.


Anonymous said...

you are such a bitch. why don't you get a life, and stop bitching about EVERYTHING. Go read a book or do something productive.

There ARE elderly people in Fort Worth who can't get to the polls, and find the "FANCY" campaign mailers useful as they would not have voted otherwise.

Stop being so negative, and thing about those who are HELPED by those flyers the incumbents send out.

And as for the money, people donate to the incumbents campaigns because they believe in what they do. All of the incumbents have great track records, and the public obviously recognized this, as all of them won re-election. The fact that you didn't win should let you know to stick with the dogs, THEY are your only friends.

-A Fort Worth Citizen

Suzette Watkins said...

Anon - Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts with the readers of this blog. Funny you mention reading a book, I just bought a book titled, "Decision In Philadelphia - The Constitutional Convention of 1787." I'm really looking forward to reading it.
My point with the post is that because incumbents can't get enough of their supporters to the polls (which should be really easy if you are a popular Representative of the people and have been in office for years), they are taking the easy way out and going after the elderly thru easy, fancy, attractive mailers because it's an easy grab of votes. I'm sure it will get more and more misleading as time goes on. That's what money can buy.
As far as my bitching, hey man, it's a 'free' country and I can 'bitch' till the cows come home if I choose to. I enjoy pointing out what I believe are truths of our community. I will continue to do so, I feel it's my purpose. Some like it, some don't. Oh well.
I agree with you that the mailers do help some of the elderly, that is true and that is good.
As far the dogs, believe it or not, I do indeed have a few real friends of the two legged kind.
Thank you so much for reading Morning Coffee, Evening Wine and expressing your thoughts -- it's good for the soul.
Hope you will continue to visit and comment often.
Be happy, your candidate won. Hooray Hooray -- onward & upward with District 8! I'm in.