Friday, May 22, 2009

Incumbent Ft. Worth politicians are substituting 'Mail in Ballots' for 'Pick You Up GOTV Vans' that take voters to the polls. Why?

Because when you are unsure (or insecure) about 'The People' being behind your candidacy, you don't necessarily want to be taking them to the polls now do you? My point is......the more aggressive a candidate is in pursuing mail in ballots, the more 'shallow' (for lack of a better word) that candidate is, IMO because instead of putting your thoughts, opinions, views, solutions, and your passions (if you have any) up for public auction and knocking on those doors, and talking with the people, you take the easy way out and do it, by mail, to the most vulnerable citizens of the Council District. In my mind, that's a Red Flag in my world, of what I want my Representative to be about.

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Suzette Watkins said...

Actually it isn't always an incumbent. District 3 in Ft. Worth had the most mail in ballots and there isn't an incumbent in the race. However, I still think my theory holds true.