Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another "forced rape" in the highest crime filled Council District in Ft. Worth - We need Change -- Vote Suzette for Council!

My opponent and her supporters like to shake their head no when I mention that District 8 carries the highest amount of total crime in the entire City of Ft. Worth and has every single year that my opponent has been in office. Kathleen Hicks likes to say, "violent crime is down," I'd like to see her tell that to this victim of what the police department label as "forced rape!" You can find some of the crime stats here Forced Rape, Forced Sodomy, theft from building, vandalism of property, drug/narcotics, trespass of property are all crimes that are UP in District 8.

My way of dealing with crime in this District would be to do the following:
1. Use my people skills, tenacity, belief in accountability of City Departments, reviewing of 911 calls in the District on a weekly basis, working with residents, providing more street lighting in areas that need it, enforcing the Class C Misdemeanor laws, holding offenders accountable, advocating for jail/prison reform that serves its purpose of deterring crime and changing people's way of thinking about how & why they make the decisions they make, holding parents accountable for being involved in their children's education and lives, holding neighborhood associations accountable for their missions -- involve and inform more residents of crimes in the neighborhood, etc. Basically working my butt off in an effective and efficient manner to better this District and rid it of the position of #1 in Crime!!

(Political Advertisement Authorized by Suzette Watkins)

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