Friday, March 20, 2009

At local Candidate Forum last night in Ft. Worth

My opponent, Kathleen Hicks' Mother spoke for her, explaining how the "purse strings" had been cut at 17. Yeah Right, and you expect who to believe that statement?
Because I wasn't raised here in Ft. Worth and because I don't have family rooted in Ft. Worth politics, is an asset to my campaign! We need some new blood in Ft. Worth local politics. It would be good for the Eastside. It's needed. Too many tax dollars have been wasted and ignored on the backs of ...."the poor" and less affluent and less educated. It's definitely time for CHANGE! I am going to fight for it!
(Political Advertisement Authorized by Suzette Watkins)

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I don't want to slam anyone for going to a private university - I did! And I held on to my parent's purse strings way too long!!

But don't give me the angle of 'just Kathy from the block'....

Going to Mt. Holyoke (one of the Seven Sisters), Nottingham in England and also Oxford University isn't exactly "Jenny from the Block". With that said, I commend her for her excellent educational studies and 'book smarts'. That's awesome. Just package yourself correctly. She doesn't hide it really either. So not much of a biggie.

Maybe we should find out if the 'apron strings' are cut. Ms. Hicks' mother seems to wield significant influence over the policy decision and packaging of her daughter.