Thursday, March 26, 2009

Formal Code of Ethics Complaint filed on Ft. Worth's City Council incumbent, Kathleen Hicks

(Click on image for closer view) Section 2-236 of Ft. Worth's City Code states "public office and public employment are positions of public trust imposing the duty of a fiduciary upon all employees and officeholders, who are not to use their public position for personal gain."
Section 2-238 (5) states, "No city officer, employee or advisory board member, or their spouses, shall knowingly use one's position or office of employment, or city facilities, personnel, equipment or supplies for the private gain of the city officer..."

Remember back in November of 2008 when my opponent, Kathleen Hicks' & Company, had me escorted out of the Town Hall meeting on basis of Criminal Trespassing?

My opponent's Mother, Maryellen Hicks, shouted to me that there is "No Campaigning in the House of God allowed!"
Funny my opponent, claimed expenses to this event on her Campaign Finance Report. She used lots of City personnel (tax payer dollars) to staff her campaign event, she used city postage to send out the information about the Campaign event, etc. As you can see above...that's unethical!
Sec. 2-248. Defense of official, employee or advisory board member by city attorney.
Sec. 2-249. Review of complaints by city attorney.
Sec. 2-251. Preliminary hearing.
Sec. 2-252. Final hearing.
Sec. 2-253. Oaths, requests for subpoenas and information.

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(Political Advertisement Authorized by Suzette Watkins)

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

When I heard about you getting thrown out and read about it in the FW Weekly, I thought it was awful that they'd use their own paid political staffers AND the FW Police to throw you out of that meeting, I thought it was repugnant and thuggish. Very ugly to use force and police powers to take you away from this event.

Now that we SEE that they didn't want you their because they thought of it as THEIR campaign event and since they paid good money to 'campaign in the House of God', they thought you'd shine a light on their lies and ruin their 'investment'. They were doing exactly what they falsely 'accused' you of!! I hope they get the book thrown at them. I know it's not a 'Christian' concept, but thats karma!!!