Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ft. Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief's response to the outcrys from gay activists at City Council meeting did not contain true statements.

When questioned on why the Rainbow Lounge discussion was put last on the City Council agenda when there were "hundreds here to hear the issue," pleaded the protestor; Mayor Moncrief's reply was 'well there's hundreds here to hear the discussion on homelessness as well." Not true! There were maybe 10 - 15 there to hear issue on homelessness, and literally hundreds to hear about the Rainbow Lounge incident. All overflow rooms were full and people standing outside that could not even get in the door to City Hall. Of course, this issue was put last for a political reason but it back fired on Moncrief this time and will continue to do so until the light is beamed down on the truth about the excessive, brutal, unlawful force used by the Fort Worth Police Department in the gay bar, Rainbow Lounge Raid by FWPD & Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
Watch "Election of Mayor Pro Tem" for July 14th meeting and listen for yourself. After the homelessness issue, do you see hundreds of people leave? No! What else is the Mayor untruthfully telling us and hoping we will believe? That he doesn't know where the millions upon millions of tax payer dollars are, that are missing from City Hall?

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