Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fort Worth City Council members have ignored complaints against Police Department for years before the Gay Bar Raid

I have sent email after email to all Fort Worth City Council members about the behaviors and inactions with the FWPD. Not one Council member responded. Yet when something happens such as the planned raid on the Rainbow Lounge and it makes national news then the career politicians come out of the woodwork and try to convince us that "we enforce the law equally, blah blah blah." How many times have I sent emails detailing the facts of poor police work on the Eastside and not one Ft. Worth City Councilmember has given a darn, not even my representative, Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Hicks. Ft. Worth does not enforce the law equally. They protect the indigents, they protect the homeless and they selectively enforce the laws and ordinances. They protect each other, even the Department Heads and Police Chief. The egg belongs on the faces of every Ft. Worth City Council person except for Mr. Zim Zimmerman who was just elected to office. The Councilmembers don't have a clue to how the City Departments are managed and on what principles. I pray that the seats will stay hot for Ft. Worth's City 'leaders' regarding this incident.

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Alexandria said...


I understand your pain I live in Arizona and have filed 2 complaints against the police department for how they conducted 2 domestic violence incidents at my home. It started out as just a bad report and quickly moved to lies, misrepresentation and cover ups. I have sent to the mayor, my district senator and the counsil members copys of the complaints and have not heard back. I am going to show up at the next meeting and tell my story. If you have any suggestions on other avenues for me please let me know.