Thursday, July 16, 2009

Former Mayor Pro Tem, Kathleen Hicks, using the gay community to her political advantage

Ft. Worth's councilmember (former Mayor Pro Tem) hasn't participated in Ft. Worth's Gay Pride Parade and has shyed away from the gay community and anything with the words gay or lesbian coming her way or near her BEFORE the Rainbow Lounge Raid. Her 'special best friend', Camille Rodriquez, even so much as walked up to a supporter of mine, Mr. Mike Phipps, at a debate forum during the last Council election race and threatened him with a lawsuit if he mentioned the word 'lesbian' in the same sentence with Kathleen Hicks' and Camille Rodriquez. She also said, she 'had people in places to take care of him' if he did so.
Now that she has a chance to pretend that she cares about the wrongdoings of the Fort Worth Police Department, she's using the gay community to do it. How many times has she questioned or held accountable the FWPD for complaints by citizens like myself and others when those complaints didn't make the local/national news? NONE!

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