Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No coincidence that Land Developer was first in line at Ft. Worth City Council meeting Animal Ordinance Hearing

Fort Worth City Council approved changes to the Animal Control Ordinance and first called to the microphone was none other than Happy Baggett, one of the largest land developers in North Tarrant County. A 3 year old relative of his was killed after climbing through the fence into neighbors yard and killed by neighbors dog. Very sad indeed; however, no sadder than anyone else who is killed by a dog, especially at such a young age. Remember several weeks ago when the gay activists were calling out the Mayor because he put them last on the agenda and he explained it as "somebody's gotta be last?" Funny how when a political buddy has something to say, not only is the issue put first on the agenda, but the friend is first as well. And you think everything that happens at City Hall isn't political? Better think again. If I were Mayor, whatever issue was expected to draw the most people (and they know), would always be first. Seems Mayor Mike Moncrief puts things on the back burner when he wants the people to go away and not be heard, and puts things first if he wants them to be heard, especially his high dollar supporters and friends. I'm sure he thinks he's sneaky and no one is noticing his slick moves. Funny.

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