Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taxpayers paying Ft. Worth City Staff overtime hours to put band aide repairs on City Council District 8's ignored aged water pipes

As promised, picture of staff working until 8pm last night to do what they do so often in District 8 -- stop the bleeding for the moment in Meadowbrook's forgotten infrastructure. We pay taxes, where is the money going? We have an elected City Council representative, what has she been doing? Here is a list of the Board of Directors on which she has sat or currently sits:

- Junior League of Fort Worth
- Girl Scouts
- Women’s Haven
- Chaired Fort Worth Commission for Women
- Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration Fort Worth
- AIDS Outreach Center
- Fort Worth-Dallas Birthing Project
- All Church Home for Children
- Presbyterian Night Shelter
- Red Cross – Chisholm Trail Chapter
- Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau

perhaps my opponent should concentrate less on resume building and more on the people and neighborhoods of District 8.

Elect me to the City Council seat for District 8 and you won't have to worry about me building my resume instead of paying attention to details and working hard for the neighborhoods in District 8. I'll be a workhorse for the District and together we will soar to places that East Ft. Worth has never seen. I promise you won't be disappointed. Right now I need money, please make a donation to my grass roots campaign Suzette for Council at http://www.suzetteforcouncil.com/donate.html.

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