Monday, December 15, 2008

Ft. Worth Taxpayer's money bubbling from the street seams and going down the drain once again in City Council Distict 8

Above is what I saw mid day today. I dare somone to tell me that tax dollars are not suppose to cover the water system. I dare someone to tell me that this it is not the job of the seated City Council person to demand that tax dollar monies be allocated to maintaining the District's water system. Look at the picture closely...tell me you don't see black squares of fresh asphalt that shows that this very location as been "repaired" recently. Repairing things like this instead of expending tax dollars in an efficient and effective way regarding basic infrastructure is unacceptable! This is a waste of our tax dollars.
When I go home today, I feel confident that I will be able to take more pictures of City Staff working after hours to stop the water leak. However, the water has been known to run for days before being cut off. This is your tax dollars going down the drain. This is evidence of lack of care, concerned & focused hard work on behalf of the people by your City Council representative and previous incumbents of the office.

If for no other reason than to get an advocate for basic city services for District 8, vote Suzette Watkins for City Council rep for District 8. I'll be an advocate for putting your hard earned tax dollars to work for your neighborhood. I'll fight the good Quality of Life fight for District 8 in East Ft. Worth. I'll put my neck on the line. I'll be good for District 8. If for no other reason than to bring some business sense to the office of City Council for District 8, vote for Suzette Watkins for City Council rep District 8. All I ask for is your vote and a chance to prove myself! Donations accepted via the website below. $5 & $10 dollars welcome!

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