Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More evidence of City Government not working for the people in City Council District 8 - Ft. Worth, Texas

What has Ft. Worth's City Government been doing with our tax dollars? Why hasn't the seated City Council person, Kathleen Hicks, been speaking up and demanding that District 8's aging water pipes be properly maintained and/or replaced?

Elect me to the City Council seat and I can promise you, I will demand that the basic City Services be restored to the people of District 8. ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF DISTRICT 8 -- Black, Brown, White and all colors in between. I name the colors because I've been told, first hand, that many people of color don't think a white girl will fight for them. Let me tell you something...we will work together and get District 8 working for the people once again. We won't concentrate on only Big Business, Million dollar developments, and Big Ticket items while the neighborhoods suffer! You can count on a fighter for the people in Suzette Watkins. I promise! Give me one chance to prove myself! That's two years. If you don't like what I've done, boot me out. All I ask for is a chance to prove myself. http://www.suzetteforcouncil.com/ .
If you will look closely at the picture above, you can see where they "fixed the problem yesterday and, broken again today." That's how one witness described it. Where are our tax dollars going? I say down the drain in District 8, East Ft. Worth! Disgusting in my honest opinion! I say it's time for a change! Vote Suzette Watkins for City Council, May 2009.

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