Tuesday, December 2, 2008

City Council Dist. 8 wasting your tax dollars. Not respecting your hard earned tax dollar!

So many water main breaks in East Ft. Worth neighborhoods. Today at 5 o'clock I saw multiple crews working on water main breaks in our neighborhood! This is unacceptable! Why? Because no one neighborhood should have a water main break every single day! I would be willing to bet that in the Meadowbrook Neighborhood, there has been between 300 - 700 water main breaks for this year. There is no other excuse for this other than our City Government not allocating enough funds to properly maintain our aging water pipes. Our tax dollars are suppose to cover the basics! What has your City Council person been doing? Not enough, if anything at all, in regards to making sure that your tax dollars get bang for the buck.

In my opinion, your tax dollars are suppose to cover:

water, sewer, fire protection, police protection, streets, neighborhood street lights, trash pick up

Those are a few of the most basic services for which your tax dollars are suppose to pay. I can promise you that as your City Council representative, you will hear me calling for BASIC CITY SERVICES in District 8!! Please consider donating to my campaign for City Council. I promise you I will be a strong voice for your basic City tax dollar services, I won't be afraid of the Mayor, I will be an advocate for all of the people of District 8 -- the color of your skin won't matter. We are all a part of one community. We will hold each other accountable, we will all work together. We will make District 8 a better, safer, cleaner place to live, work and play! Please donate to my campaign at http://www.suzetteforcouncil.com/ I need the money. I am not a candidate that is bought and paid for by big business nor family money; nor am I a candidate who is running for office because my Mother wanted me to run for office; nor am I a candidate that is running for office because of my family connections to local politics in Ft. Worth. (I have none.) I certainly do not believe that my skin color entitles me to a vote from you and I hope that my skin color will not cause you to not consider voting for me. I am running for office because I care about this City and I care about the communtiy in which we live, work and play. I believe strongly and passionately that your tax dollars should cover the basic services for which we pay for and depend on. I am a candidate for the people - all of the people.

Please donate any amount of money you can afford. Five and ten dollar bills are welcomed! http://www.suzetteforcouncil.com/ or mail check to Suzette for Council, 1801 Bomar Ave, Ft. Worth, TX 76103.

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Wow! That is totally unacceptable! I hope, for the sake of your district, you're able to take this problem by the horns and keep the water flowing (through the pipes - not the street) in District 8!