Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taxpayers are people too -- our politicians need to quit sucking us dry!

I've noticed that when one speaks up (or out) against unaffordable spending by our elected officials, you may get hit with, "But undocumented people are humans too, the poor are people too, the homeless drug addicts are people too, the homeless drunks are people too, the irresponsible parents are people too, the pregnant teenagers are people too, the drug addicted incapable parents are people too, the child abusers are people too, irresponsible pet owners are people too, police officers, Executives, criminals, politicians, and the list goes on and on.

I say, ABSOLUTELY.....ALL THE MORE REASON TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. All the more reason to start electing newbies to positions of decision making for your tax dollars, start electing people who actually are seated for the right reasons:

- care for people
- love of the City
- respect of the American dollar and hard work

Taxpayers are people too and our governments aren't running our businesses in a fiscally viable manner.

I say we start bringing some business sense to your investment in the community. We start bringing some new ideas, energy and commitment to tackling the money sucking issues affecting our pocketbooks. Elect me to Ft. Worth's City Council in May 2009 and you'll hear a vocal advocate for holding ourselves accountable to the City's, the taxpayer!

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Robert said...

The same phrase -- "taxpayers are people too" -- has occurred to me too, with perhaps a somewhat different take. Taxpayers are being reduced to a form of involuntary servitude to the politically powerful. That is, they are being reduced to slavery. One of the justifications given for the historical enslavement of blacks was that they were not really “people” in the same way that whites were. To listen today to the way the big spenders talk – without a word of concern for the effect on the people who are going to be paying for all these things – betrays the same attitude.