Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Stray Dogs wondering the streets of City Council District 8 - Ft. Worth, Texas

I saw 3 stray dogs running around a concentrated area today in District 8. Low and behold, stopped and spoke with some people and found a female stray dog in heat which explained why all the male intact dogs were hanging around! Another problem in City Council District 8 that our current City Government has chosen to ignore until now. Another issue that cost tax payers millions of dollars. Another issue that local politicians won't aggressively & persistently address at a root cause level. Another issue that needs addressing at State level. Another sensitive issue that politicians don't want to touch due to the cultural differences of opinion in proper, responsible & humane care of dogs. You can count on me to address this issue if you will elect me to District 8's City Council seat in May 2009. District 8 is one of the top 3 districts in Ft. Worth for Animal Control calls and pick ups! This issue has not been a priority in District 8 and it is costing you money every single day! All of us are paying the very expensive price!

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