Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why are City Council members paid $25K/year?

I don't understand the job of a City Council member in Ft. Worth. I mean, come on, they make $25,000 per year off us taxpayers. That is not a salary for a full time job, that's part time salary, IMO, if that!! So, what is the purpose of a City Council person? How many hours per week are they suppose to work for the voters? Are they just there as a pawn for a hidden group of people w/in their District, how much of it is strictly about money, in other words did some Corporation "put" them there thru thousands of dollars for campaigning? I'd love to have a neighborhood activist named Mike Phipps run for Council in District 8, but hell, who can live on $25K per year? Only the rich? Only the well connected and paid by perks people? Kids of politicians, who? And who exactly do they represent?

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