Monday, July 14, 2008

Chesapeake's propaganda & West Meadowbrook's Neighborhood politics

So if you live on the Eastside and you happen to be on the email list of various eastside neighborhood activists, you get emails saying there is an important meeting tonight concerning Chesapeake's High Impact Well they want to put in our neighborhood as well as a pipeline. You get there and, IMO, there is no "meeting." It is a poster show of propaganda that Chesapeake has put together and you walk from poster to poster and ask questions of a paid mouthpiece for Chesapeake. That, IMO, is NOT a meeting!! Very disappointing. On the bright side, there were cameras and microphones there. Oh and our City Council person, Kathleen Hicks, was there to get a head count. Not to do any leadership stuff, but just there to see which side she should pander to according to the numbers.

I saw Wanda Conlin there, she is the "Director of City Affairs" for West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association. WMNA, has large titles for a bunch of bullshit work!! The Treasurer, Mike Phipps and Gigi Goesling do the work for our neighborhood, Wanda Conlin and her hubby, Don Boren (President of West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Assoc) are the puppets for Kathleen Hicks and the ones who do all of the "important backroom deal making." YUK YUK YUK!!

What exactly is the point of a Neighborhood Association if the leaders don't communicate with the members? Take votes on positions of the issues at hand, etc. IMO, there is no point. It's all abuse of power. It's sickening.

I asked Wanda Conlin tonight if WMNA was opposing the Scott Ave well site and if so what had her and her husband Don Boren done on behalf of WMNA to voice their opposition...she said "Suzette, we have written the City Council and Mayor -- leave me alone." RED FLAG RED FLAG.....anytime someone doesn't want to answer my questions, alarms go off in my head.

WMNA's leadership is for the birds, IMO which is why I am not a second year member!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your red flags going off. I am sure she hates to see anyone coming who might ask questions which she has no answers for, nor has any desire to find the answers. That would be work IMO. So keep your head up. Even if I don't agree with all that you say, I do agree you have the right to answers for any questions concerning where you live, work, etc. Thanks for you messages. LJD

Anonymous said...

BUT...where are the photos of the demonstrators outside who were all from the West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association? OH..I guess that doesn't fit your little game plan!

Suzette Watkins said...

Anonymous - Yes, I saw 4-6 demonstrators outside. Yes, I know that 3 of them are in leadership positions of WMNA. My point is, where is even a small percentage of the 3500+ residents that live w/in the boundaries of WMNA? Are those members informed, are they empowered, are they active, do they have a voice in WMNA....what's up with the membership? Where are the numbers?