Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Petty Politics" in East Ft. Worth

So some our really caring neighborhood activists like Mike Phipps, Don Young and Jerri Horton are really up in arms about Chesapeake considering gas drilling on the eastside, neighborhood street of Scott Ave. (Beach St. & I30) and I agree, we don't need all those heavy industrial trucks tearing up our neighborhood streets that we pay for out of our hard earned tax dollars! Funny thing is, Don Boren & Wanda Conlin (married couple in charge of the Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Newspaper) hold the following positions:

Don Boren, President of West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association
Wanda Conlin - editor/publisher/owner of "Greater Meadowbrook News"

Neither are no where to be found on the issue of gas drilling on Scott Ave in the neighborhood (Chesapeake tearing up our neighborhood streets and disturbing Tandy Hills Park), why? My guess would be Chesapeake has bought many expensive ads in the "Greater Meadowbrook News" (Wanda, Don and family paid) paper that Don & Wanda own, produce and distribute throughout Meadowbrook Neighborhoods. Our Councilperson, Kathleen Hicks loves Don & Wanda, in fact, Kathleen calls Wanda, "Mama Wanda." Sickening, Disgusting and causes me and many others to turn away from WMNA (West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Assoc.)...politics at its' best!! YUK!! YUK!! YUK!!


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suzette said...

Anonymous - I'm not a fan of political correctness. Thank you for reading and commenting. Everyone has an opinion, thank you for expressing yours.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Suzette is the ONLY one turning away from West Meadowbrook in that our attendance and cooperation withing our boundaries and with the other four (4) neighborhood organizations in the Meadowbrook area is stronger than ever and is growing in a positive and productive manner. The ONLY negative comments seem to ALWAYS come from Suzette so one must wonder what her agenda must be. Just personal assination, or does she actually have a point?

Suzette said...

It probably does "seem" that I am the only one turing away from West Meadowbrook. Do you keep track of how many members or visitors don't return for monthly meetings or yearly memberships? My agenda is that I expect people to be held accountable for the positions they hold and the jobs they do. I live and work in the neighborhood and I'd like to see it improved so that's also on my agenda. When people don't do their jobs well and/or people aren't held accountable, I feel compelled call attention to this dirt that other's have swept under the rug because I think it is wrong for the people that their positions and jobs serve so you could add this to my agenda as well.

Thank you for reading and commenting.