Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do you have these water problems in YOUR neighborhood?

I bet that in my neighborhood here in East Ft. Worth, over the past year, I have personally witnessed about 10 of the scenes that you see above. My question is; does this happen all over town? Is this more prevalent in non-affluent neighborhoods? If so, why? If not, then what is the problem? Why are our tax dollars going down the water drains? To me, the bottom line source of the problem would be our City Government not appropriating the funds to do the upkeep on our water system here in Ft. Worth. Then comes the question of "why?" Why weren't enough funds allocated for prevention of such pipe corrosion and waste of such large amounts of our city water, and tax dollars to pay for labor to do the emergency repair, and when was the issue before Council last, next to the last time and next to the next to last time!? These pictures were from Friday afternoon noon around 6pm. Today, Saturday, the FW Water Dept is going up and down our streets saying our water will be off, etc. All of this preventable, if only our government officials were doing their jobs well.

IMO, these are the things that a city council person should have to answer to at Neighborhood Association meetings and things that a Neighborhood Association should be interested in finding out for their members. I would think any well meaning council person would be the first to want to talk about it being that they are the ones who should know the answers to such issues. "City" Council, "City" Government, "City" Hall, "City" water, "City" get the point. Right? I mean, really, does it take all that much? No, it shouldn't! This is not rocket science and residents in the neighborhood DO care about issues such as this!

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